Padareywan chooses your method of destruction

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MTUethomas 39

I pulled Maz's Goggles, Meditate, and stuff for another deck that wanted Hired Gun so I replaced it with Padawan.

That shifted the build slightly from the hydra build to one that focused a great deal more on comboing with Close Quarters Assault. I found that Padawan does an amazing job supporting Rey - Force Prodigy with a baseline for her to go off of with the frequent + that she and Lightsaber/Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber roll.

There is a higher need now for guarding Padme Amidala - Queen of Naboo and Cunning is at risk of being a dead card. However, many of the force powers are at a reduced risk of this.

Padawan combined with not having to fund Hired Gun makes it less common to run out of .

Cards like Determination, Rebel, and Meditate make it easier to tailor the deck for milling the deck vs the hand so that yanking those last couple cards is less difficult to pull off.

Overall, this feels like a smoother and easier to run deck. It seems more intuitive.

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