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Earman22 122

Redeploy weapons, so you don't lose them, which is huge at end game with 1 character. You will have 3 weapons with your last character. Endless Ranks to stay alive as long as possible, along with lots of mitigation. Aftermath/Attrition doing all the work for you, especially if played early as your characters fall one by one. Even if you lose more than one character a turn you get to utilize the Aftermath/Attrition as many times as characters fall, since there's no exhaust mechanic here. Had to throw in a Rocket Launcher, especially to play along with Imperial War Machine. I've got Dug in and We Have Them Now now that require battlefields. Insert Lockdown.

Very very slow deck, which is fine. Allow them to claim, and go to work. Shoot for a Training on your tie pilot so you don't have to worry about people mitigating ALL of your range sides. It's a beautiful thing, lol.

Check it out, I haven't tested it much, but I think it's going to be a blast to play!!


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dpuck1998 46

I feel like Tie Pilot is going to be targeted early, so training on him would be a waste. Training on a FOS might be good though, since the Pilot should be the first target.