Following Orders on a budget

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Jigslice 2

When the going gets tough, u need to cut down on some heft and still get the job done.

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michaelius 8

I've played similar deck and you should rather use supports to deal damage than weapons - 7 health can be lost in single turn and weapon with it. While First Order TIE Fighter and Speeder Bike Scout will sting as long as as even one guy is alive. Also cost 2 upgrades are bad when Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer with Imperial Inspection is so common. Imho you should be only weapons with redeploy (F-11D and Holdouts) or 0-1 cost stuff. Also with this many guys Flank is good removal

Jigslice 2

@michaelius Thank you for the insight! I originally had holdout and the other cheap blaster but took them out to make something more budget. My only issue with supports is that it slows down the deck. But I will keep this into consideration as I edit the deck.