My Emo Kids (eKylo/eVader)

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My Emo Kids (eKylo/eVader) 0 0 0 2.0

dj88c 16

My version of the EmoKids deck. Planning on using this in a Store Championship this weekend. A few of the oddities in this deck are due to my card collection.

I don't have Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II but figured Rebel War Room - Yavin IV isn't bad and with all the potential decks needing Throne Room it might be better to take theirs, 2 shields, and try to claim early to get on the front foot and use an opponents Battlefield.

Would probably add another Enrage and remove an Anger if I had it. Would also add another Force Speed if I could. The Price of Failure is there for a Premonitions sniper if I want or for that final blow re-ready if needed.

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aviectus 1

i find this deck interesting. Could you please post how well you performed in the tourney? My current meta is strange here and i wanted to give it a go.

dj88c 16

@aviectus I went 2-3 in the Swiss rounds with this deck. My first match was against an ePalp deck. Could have beat him but it came down to rolls and luck. 0-1. Second match was against Poe/Maz. I hit Poe with Kylo's special for 5 (U-wing) and I would have won had I played the last round right. I resolved Vader's special, he claimed and did damage with Planetary Uprising leading to a loss. Had I resolved my other character die with 1 melee plus 2 from Lure of Power first I would have had a shot. Lesson for next time. 0-2. But the next match I played a FN/Unkar/Kylo deck and had good success, playing No Mercy and discarding my hand for a total of 5 damage and the win. 1-2. Next deck was versus eJyn/Ackbar and I won pretty quickly thanks to some good rolls and draws. 2-2. My last match was versus Poe/Maz again and I drew and rolled terribly. No upgrades in hand, mulligan gives me Force Push alone. First turn I used Doubt on Poe's special for him to roll 3 damage and he resolves. Nothing I could do really. 2-3.

All in all, I feel like this deck is fun and has a decent chance but could maybe use a few more upgrades. Biggest advice to anyone running such a deck would be to be as aggressive as possible. My next version will remove Rise Again as I never had enough resources to pay for it and no match lasted long enough to use Premonitions for it. This will open room for the upgrades. Also never used my battlefield even when I won the roll. I felt that the shields helped more and I could use the Emperor's Throne Room - Death Star II when my opponent brought it to the table.