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Rebeltrooper 830

This deck is my new hotness! I hate that its only 3 dice, but it seems that is my bane in deck building... Eluke/Rey, now this... This deck is very fun and very frustrating to play against. It immediately puts its opponent in a scary position. Take down one of the most broken cards currently existing (FN) first, or take out one of the the single most momentum shifting card in the game grievous first. If you leave FN on the table, he does FN things. If you leave grievous on the table and u get a kill proc'ing his ability... the game has just swung all the way into your corner.

This deck is straight forward, load up FN to the best of your abilities making him your opponents number 1 threat while you find an easy target with a weapon for grievous to steal. A lot of decks have you focused on FN madness, I take a rather calmed approach to this, if your resources aren't threatened by your opponents dice or deck strategy, don't drop your 2 cost weapons immediately and start chaining FN, rather keep your mitigation an active part of your plan. I'd rather not play a weapon first turn if that means I get to flank vader/luke/poe dice. The more turns the game goes, the more likely you are to proc Grievous, and when it happens your opponent concedes. This deck is full of the basic red removal, not tremendous but solid enough.

2 cards off the top of my head that could and maybe should be in here are dh-17 (for the ability to lay a weapon down and still flank on turn 1) and suppression for when u need to remove a dice, or have a resource 2 side showing on the FOST that you can't pay for (or the f-11d or dh-17 if it eventually gets put in here).

I haven't battle tested this yet against every meta match up but I'm happy with the way it played so far. I'll be adjusting it and tweaking it the whole next week and will update any changes. Check it out, its fun!


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Jarond 1

Did you go First Order Stoomtrooper over eGrievous for the extra health and Cannon Fodder for protection?

tokyo0709 1

No wingman?

Rebeltrooper 830

@Jarond yes, I would love to put egrevious in but that makes him the immediate target of the deck. It also negates the value of best red removal card we have for mono Blue (the best defense). You don't want to put that 3 on either fn or grievous unless absolutely necessary. It also give cannon fodder like you pointed out. Due to lack of removal options, the third character allows you to more effectively use flank consistently. @tokyo0709 wingman in this deck is not effective because we aren't doing anything worth action cheating and no matter what you do, your opponent will at least have the option nearly every turn to claim before you. I would rather have a weapon or action to use than wingman. I could be very wrong on wingman for this deck, but it's use here I think is underwhelming despite excelling in other decks.

rmohler 477

Fun idea! Might try it at a casual tournament. The real trick will be remembering to use Grievous's ability - I always forget that one.

RxDevera 38

I tried this out (-1) F-11D Rifle, (-1) IQA-11 Blaster Rifle, and (-2) Flank, for (+2) Suppression and (+2) DH-17 Blaster Pistol. And it was a blast to play. I took out one of the IQ and the F-11 because i felt like i needed a cheap ramp. I know removing flank for suppression is probably unpopular, but I wanted a zero cost removal. A may put flank back in the deck and remove Tactical Mastery instead.

Rebeltrooper 830

Yeah take out tactical mastery and put in flank, I get running the cheaper upgrade and the suppression. Overall how did it feel. I've had a lot of success on tabletop with it, slapped a emo boys around beat a eLuke rey x3 in a row, took out a han snap han rey and a poe maz, so far 7-1 or 8-1. How do u feel about 1 die grievous, it's making him a smaller target early then boom weapon steal ftw. Also I if they go after fn first I load him with redeploy weapons, so he passes those on. I'm liking this deck a ton, thanks for the perspective on it.

RxDevera 38

I only got to practice against eLuke/Rey, but never lost against it. I didn't mind only having one die. The single die has strong enough sides to draw mitigation attention towards it and with Grievous ability, he was focused first. This allowed FN to do FN things, so Rey was out before the start of third round. Undying Loyalty was better than I expected, it helped keep Grievous alive long enough. I'll try it out at a casual tournament and let you know the results.

Rebeltrooper 830

Very cool, I'm getting similar results. Let me know what u think of suppression after the tourney. Grievous is a beast!

SwEEEEEtDookie 7

Been play testing this deck. The damage potential is nothing to sneeze at. Still wanna test against an agro-melee deck and poe/Maz. But it owns unkar and Palpatine

SwEEEEEtDookie 7

Play tested some more. Do great against every deck except for mill and 4 character decks. Just not enough disruption to stop them from endless ranking on you (multiple times) and I mill myself (prob just need to play slower). But against luke/Vader/Han I've had great success. Gonna take this a SC tomorrow. Let you know how it does.

P.s. I took out 1 iqa-11 and added 1 suppression and run 2 flanks. Haven't used suppression yet on game (I tend to roll a lot of blanks with my ranged dice) still thinking that over

Serenicus 128

I havent Rocket Launcher and Riot Baton. Any suggestion for replacment?

SwEEEEEtDookie 7

Those 2 cards are crucial for the deck, especially mid to late game. No real substitute that will keep the deck competitive

Schattenriss 1

@Rebeltrooper: this Deck is innovative. I am looking forward to your playtesting results and reports! Thanks!

Rebeltrooper 830

@Schattenriss thank you man. I really do appreciate the feedback from everyone. @SwEEEEEtDookie let us know how it goes! Do a write up of your version of the deck! I'd appreciate linking this build as inspiration for it, but I hope u take the SC home this weekend, let's force another deck into the competitive environment. Grievous wants to see tournament action!

Rebeltrooper 830

@Serenicus I'm sorry but @SwEEEEEtDookie is right. With only having access to red cards, this deck requires those two weapons to stay viable. Without them it lacks the consistency and damage spike the launcher provides.

SwEEEEEtDookie 7

Played in SC. Went 3-3 missing the top 8 by 1 game. Game 1: FN/Jango. Was able to eliminate Jango the beginning of turn 2. This eliminated most of his mitigation, and leaving his FN to try and out pace my FN (oh yea, and grievous). Easy win. Didn't lose a character. Game 2: Phasma/Guavian/FOST. This deck took me by surprise. I went after Phasma... maybe the right call, maybe not. But the guardian ability are me alive. Still managed to kill of 2 characters (because of guardian) but didn't have enough juice in the tank to kill Phasma. Lost. Game 3: Bala/royal guard/FN. Never saw this one coming. He was able to kill Grevious, ready Bala, kill FOST, ready Bala and do 8 damage to FN. I hadonly 2 damage on Bala and that was his last character. Lost Game 4: obi/Rey. Not much to say. I was able to deal damage evenly so obi would never proc then killed both characters at the end of round 3 with a rocket launcher special. Didn't lose a single character. Big win Game 5: (this was a heart breaker) luke/Rey. Went in confident especially since I owned obi/Rey. However, my opponent was able to swiftness into use the force into my ally (dealing 9 damage!)... No worries, I got this, Rey is at 8 damage and luke is at 6. Next round and... he dies this exact same thing again! 9 damage to the face. And a tear rolls down my cheek. Hard to lose a favorable match. Game 6: FN/Jango. This was much like the 1st game but we played much better and I had to work for the win. I ran: Upgrades: 2x riot baton 2x rocket launcher 2x holdout 2x vibro 2x f-11d 2x dh-17 1x iqa-11

Events: 2x flank 2x tactical mastery 2x imperial war machine 2x battle formation 2x doubt 2x undying loyalty 2x best defense 2x cannon fodder 1x suppression. Did not like dh-17, suppression, and on the edge with iqa11. I like tactical mastery but rarely had the resources to play it. Changes I'd like to make. -2x dh-17, -1x suppression. +1x dodge (range is a thing now since errata) +2x imperial discipline to help with resources. Honorable mention goes to imperial war machine (that card seems made for this deck) and battle formation.

Had fun! And for me play testing only 4 times before makes me feel this deck is on the verge.

P.s. everyone went for someone different. The better players targeted Grevious to stop his trigger and make redeploy pointless. And the less experienced went for FN. Hope this helps. I have another SC next Sat. Might try this out with changes made. Idk yet.

SwEEEEEtDookie 7

Swapped dh-17 for imperial discipline and took out suppression for dodge... so much better. Imperial discipline on FOST is nasty. Guaranteed a minimum of 2 damage or 1 resource. Made the deck flow so much better, I never claimed, didn't care, averaged a character kill by end of round 2 every game

JachPot 173

Imperial Discipline is the reason I've been playing Phasma, sticking 2 on her in the Phasma/FOST/Guavian deck is the stone cold nuts. I've been looking for more decks it's appropriate in.

Rebeltrooper 830

I've been having tremendous success with this deck. I can't wait til august 12 SC. This is most likely what I'll run, there is a few high level players that will be rep'n this deck for some of their upcoming events so start rocking this before it becomes too mainstream.

SwEEEEEtDookie 7

@Rebeltrooper I've been playing this deck a lot. I do great against any 2 character deck but seem to struggle against Phasma and Funkar. Phasma nerfs my activation and does a lot of damage with me having little mitigation. And Funkar has options to yellow weapons that pushes him over the edge. Plus there is a Bala deck running around. Any tips on these decks?

Guantanamo 1

Dropped one rocket launcher, one imperial discipline, and one blaster rifle (didn't have two of them) for other red weapons.

Four rounds of prelims into single slim of top four. Went 3 for 4 in prelims. One close round, two blow outs and then lost to EMO Twins. Met the EMO twins in the finals and beet them handily.