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AdennTor 7

This is my take on a fairly popular list going around using eGeneral Veers - Field Commander and eJango Fett - Lethal Mercenary

The goal is to hit fast and hard before they can respond.

The Upgrades are all 2 with the exception of On The Hunt, There is a good multiple good starts, Idealistically you wana get something on Jango Fett - Lethal Mercenary like the Jetpack or a Holdout Blaster, and if you can arrange it do so with an Improvisation

Backup Muscle is there for the free un-blockable damage, and Improvisation is there to help re-roll for when you have that shitty roll that doesn't let you be as aggressive as you want.

Most of the Events are designed to slow down or deny, with the exception of Logistics for it's little extra cash boost if needed and Armed to the Teeth which is there as the 'kitchen sink' to throw if you really need to just finish someone off.

Suggestions and Comments are encouraged, I'm curious of peoples thoughts.

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