ackbar damage/discard

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sonicfan0 16

Ackbar does damage off of discard, i don't see why he can't help his commando's benefit off of that too. Ackbar's side you don't care about are pretty much the 1 ranged, as that almost defeats the purpose of the deck. Your win is control, and he generates resources and and wants your opponent to discard with things like commando raid when it hits it hits, debating on going downt o 1 c-3po and throwing in another commando raid, all in all interesting deck idea.

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Treefarmer 171

I like it, its nice to see Rebel Commando being used. The cost on its special is rather ridiculous but this deck works. I agree that you should drop 1 C-3PO for a Commando Raid if you're only including 1 launch bay.

BigDaddyGoblyn 295

I would drop Training. It only makes who you put it on a target. I am not sure what to replace it with right now, but I am presently working on a version of this. I like the potential.

sonicfan0 16

@BigDaddyGoblyn That actually was the point, if i can peel target off of my lowest health character (ackbar), but instead of dropping 3po i'm actually gonna drop air superiority, and confidence and go +1 commando raid +2 logistics and +1 sensor placement. for this particular build of the deck, i'm gonna throw up another deck build similar to this but doesn't focus as much on the discard as well soon.