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qwerty2jam 117

Hey all,

Third iteration on my baby and it's running amazingly. The deck is a smooth, well oiled machine that almost no-one sees coming, only 1 deck can deal with and even then it's not an instant loss!

This is just the latest collection of changes and ramblings for anyone interested at all.

TL;DR - Tank deck with lots of resource generation and support. Very different. Very Fun. Is currently 9/2 after winning an 18 person tournament last night 4/0.


So since the last version of this deck I've played at 2 more 4 rounds, ~20 people, events and taken top spot with clean sweeps. Versed a wide variety of decks with a lot of FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper decks, emo kids, Baze/Snap, Palpatine - Galactic Emperor and Poe/Maz decks circulating my meta.

On to the changes;

Quadjumper: -1, I found that with 4 vehicles and with only 3 being able to be on the board 2 Quadjumpers were major overkill. I didn't want to remove both of them because they honestly helped get vehicles out, their sides are all good for me and they keep my resources nice and high.

AT-ST: +1 Slotting in for the Quadjumper is a single AT-ST, allowing me to burn the big resource pool I usually build up, act as the primary target for quadjumper and add a needed burst of big damage for durable decks. I average getting this out turn 2, even getting a few turn 1 drops thanks to some amazing rolling.

Changes I'm Considering

The only odd card out at the moment is Imperial Discipline, adds some good reliability to First Order Stormtrooper and helps damage/resources but First Order Stormtrooper dies quick between enemy damage and The Best Defense... meaning that's a sunk resource.

Not sure what I would swap it to though, maybe Improvisation due to the amount of blanks this deck has, the need for (usually) lots of rerolls and the decks high ability to dump it's hand, meaning not a lot of cards to reroll with.

Needs more testing I suppose.


Poe/Maz: 1/1 FN/Jango: 1/0 Vader Raider: 1/0 Emo Kids: 1/0 Mothma/Trooper/Hired Gun: 1/0 Baze/Snap: 2/1 Hero Mill: 2/0


I like this deck because it's different. It's not rapid beat your face in Poe/Maz or Emokids and it uses an underutilized area of the game, supports.

Between adding yellow for a better removal colour and the 32 - 46 health pool this list survives a hell of a lot. The idea is that this durability from health and removal should buy us the time to get our resources and supports rolling.

Speaking of resouces between the symbols showing on our characters, Aftermath, Imperial Discipline, Datapad and Supply Line we have a wookie's buttload of resource gain in the deck, facilitating those high cost Endless Ranks and Slave I.

Let me be clear, the resource generation, unless it goes perfectly, is TIGHT. You will barely scrape by using a removal or two, playing a vehicle and a resource generator every turn but it IS enough. It's a deck of careful choices and resource management to the extreme.

In the 1.0 version of the deck I double dipped into weapons as well, thinking I could get both out but I never ever ended up playing them. I would never turn 1 F-11D Rifle I would always remove a few dice, play a backup muscle and then roll out, grab resources and play a turn 1 First Order TIE Fighter with a resource or two to spare. I would pitch my weapons for rerolls every time so I replaced them.


Imperial Discipline: A card with 2 resource sides but also the ability to guarantee a side I need (resource side) by removing it if it rolls poorly, or a guaranteed damage side if I need to finish someone off. There was 1 of these in 1.0 but they were just amazing for me. Knowing that I didn't care what my First Order Stormtrooper's rolled was just beautiful and they paid dividends.

Supply Line: Just a good and cheap resource generator to get out early if possible, almost hard mulligan worthy due to the focus and the free reroll on it as well. If you're low on ditchable cards, a Datapad special into a Supply Line special is amazing and has literally won me 2 games so far.

Datapad: This should be fairly easy to understand, just a cheap resource generator to get out and roll in as many times a turn as possible. As stated the combo with supply line is just beautiful and any of these in your starting hand should be kept.

Salvage Stand: We roll resources a lot with this deck and this card is just a good staple to keep resources for removal down. I found I would have people play their 2 cost upgrade, roll and claim any resource sides they rolled because they HAD to remove my vehicle dice or lose characters way too quickly. Having a salvage stand will help with this I hope. I consider these two cards the flex slots for this deck, haven't been tested yet and weapons got swapped out for them.

Quadjumper: Many a times would I find no vehicles in my starting hand (Only 2 damaging types of vehicles in the deck after all) and would go and spend my money on resource generators, removal and backup muscle. In these situations I often thought of this card and it's ability to set me up for a following turn. Bringing in a big Slave I and NOT leaving me gasping for resources for removal.

Everything else should be fairly self explanatory, although I'm willing to add more if people want other cards explained!

Opening Hand

We want any kind of resource generator, Datapad or Supply Line, even two of them can be fun. I like seeing a backup muscle and a removal or two. I find if I don't draw 2 resource generators I'll mulligan any vehicles besides quadjumper as I don't want them discarded and I will not be pitching them for rerolls.

Always pitch Slave I, you never want that in the opening hand.

The Game

I'm not the best writer, I can't honestly describe every choice to make nor am I a good enough player to feel confident in my ability to instruct people that are very likely better. I shall attempt to give an overview however.

We WANT to play slow. Start with playing a resource generator, roll in that character hope for and then claim a resource. Then play either another resource generator, Imperial Discipline, Supply Line or Backup Muscle if you have any of them.

During all this you ALWAYS want to have 1-2 resources kept for removal. Never ever ever hit 0 while the enemy has dice out.

Start slowly rolling in your characters. By this point the enemy should have resolved most of their plays and dice. If not, delay as long as you can. Now they should have either claimed or will be passing. If they are passing they have removal, if they've claimed just go to town.

If you have a First Order TIE Fighter or Quadjumper in hand you want to reroll your dice until you can claim the resources needed to play it, then roll it in. That will likely be the end of your turn.

If you DON'T have a vehicle, look at your dice. If you're showing more of either resources or guns, make a decision as to whether to reroll the other side to try and gain more of the desired type. EG if I'm showing 1 , 2 , +1 and two +1 s I'll probably pitch a card to reroll the resources hoping for more damage.

Turns continue like this, delay as long as you can, roll out and resolve whatever you have the most sides of, always hoping for resources more than anything else. Priority is to get those damn vehicles out.

One thing I've found with this game though, always spend resources on mitigation, even if it means not getting a big upgrade out, mitigation is king. The longer you last the better in all possible situations than dealing damage or doin' something fancy.


This is a slow and fun deck that requires careful resource managment, stalling and a correct sequencing of actions but feels super rewarding to play when you go up against meta "EMO" players or Palps and even Poe/Maz players and win despite all expectations.

No-one sees this deck coming and it's just funny to watch reactions as they begin to understand what's happening.

Anyway that's it, I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed making it and that some of you are inspired enough to drop a comment or give this a shot!

Have I missed anything? Does this have any ability to compete? Should I git gud?



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MstrBlonde 1

Have you tried subbing in a Tie Pilot for one of the Enforcers? Does the extra 2 hp trump having your ranged dice protected? It would also draw aggro from the First Order Stormtroopers, allowing their upgrades to be in play a bit longer.

qwerty2jam 117

It's something I've considered for sure but I'm concerned about the squishiness of him relative to the guavians. Forcing removal of his dice every turn is pretty incredible as well, but I lose a yellow character to spot for electroshock and a resource side for the all important salvage stand and actual resource gain.

Night sister has also been suggested to me but I don't think that's anywhere near the right call compared to Tie Pilot.

It's all just a question of how much is that 2 health worth to me and what's the gain for that opportunity cost?

Thanks for the comment!

GenghisDon 100

I'm new to the game, but this seems like it makes the most sense and is the best use of resources because you can't kill off vehicles and supports as easy as attached upgrades. If you can keep shielded and just let massive vehicle damage rain down, you should be successful, but it probably plays a little slower than 2 powerful elite dice.

qwerty2jam 117

@GenghisDon This deck, this style of deck, plays a LOT slower than other decks as you say, almost half your actions will be after your opponent has finished their turn.

Also if you want to pick this up and don't know it already, there's a deck which is the reason that this style (4 characters) isn't common called Poe/Maz, which is a high damage sweeper deck that is this decks hardest matchup.

Awesome you like the look of it!

AlreadyPicked 14

I imagine you though about adding Drudge Work. Why didn't you?

garesnap 1

Where is the resource generation?

qwerty2jam 117

@AlreadyPicked Straight up because I will get more value out of the dice sides, resources are almost guaranteed with that many and drudge work is a resource that I can't use any + sides on. Additionally it is 2 card slots gone to that, when we're already fairly tight on them to mandatory picks.

@garesnap Datapad, Imperial Discipline, Supply Line, First Order Stormtrooper, Guavian Enforcer and Quadjumper all have lots of resource sides, between all their dice you are almost guaranteed to get a few resources out every turn.

moicanorj 21

Só i testing for quite some time a variation of this deck, I always used tie pilot instead of a second guardian, and I must admit Tie pilot is a hell of a beast, his die and protection is amazing. You already tested it? Cause tie pilot is so much better in my opinion.

sonicfan0 16

Interesting, no squad tactics?

qwerty2jam 117

@moicanorj So I've now tested almost 10 games with the tie pilot and my loss rate has gone up, he's too squishy. It's a first or second turn kill on him usually with damage to spare for my other characters and then a dead guavian leaves me with less control and the mediocre First Order Stormtrooper dice. Sad to say but I won't be slotting pilot for my store champs this weekend.

@sonicfan0 No not at all. This deck is so unbelievably slow noo amount of speed up cards like that are going to help, getting 4 actions ahead doesn't help in a deck where I'm 5-10 actions behind my opponent. I also find in this deck, rolling everything out allows your enemy to chose the cream of the crop of your dice for removal. I resolve a lot of my incrementally, forcing my opponent to overthink every roll, probabilities and they often remove dice that are subpar.

Slowness is your friend here, embrace it and use it. It often psyches people out. Any card slots spent on "speed cards" are wasted.

the BEAST 1079

Have you ever tested Attrition?

Crabshack101 70

@the BEAST After playing it a bit I think Attrition is a bit slow and paying one resource for a support really needs to either add a die for damage or a die for resources. Backup Muscle being a bit of an odd duck as it does damage that you can control a bit more that bypasses shields.

AlreadyPicked 14

@Crabshack101 Attrition has been my steady source of income. I had trouble with a similar deck until I added it.

@qwerty2jam will you revisit this deck with EaW now available? I replaced my two Imperial War Machine with Imperial HQ and it's been working great. I would like to replace an Guavian Enforcer with Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot but haven't got one yet. What do you think?

Crabshack101 70

@AlreadyPicked Attrition for income? Can you explain? Also, I love the Ceena switch I did the same. Here is my new version.


I added Imperial Backing cuz I think it works really well at the beginning of any turn where you have 3-4 characters.

AlreadyPicked 14

Not Attrition, I meant Aftermath :\

qwerty2jam 117

I'll be coming back to this deck in a few weeks but for now have to practice the deck I'm taking to Aus nations in 10-11 days. Excited to come back and see if this can still compete though.