Kylo / Anakin Prague, Czech Republic Regionals 1st Place

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karolko 244

Winning decklist from Prague, Czech Republic regionals.

Top 4 from tournament was:

  1. Kylo / Anakin
  2. Phasma / Boba Fett
  3. Seventh Sister / Boba Fett
  4. Phasma / Boba Fett

Looks like Dark Side is on the rise and Boba Fett is character to be prepared for.

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Mystic 1

Czech players have any fb group or something?

karolko 244

GenghisDon 99

Did you like this better than eKylo2/eMother? I can imagine the freedom of even costed cards is nice, but Mother locked in damage every single turn. Probably good to streamline the damage to a single type with your pairing.

karolko 244

@GenghisDon I was not playing the deck (I was judging at the event), my wife did play the deck and we've playtested it together. That being said, I do not like Kylo / Talzin at all. Played it previously and just felt lacking. Advantage here (over Talzin variants) are:

  1. Consistent base melee sides (that helps resolve those brutal Ancient or Maul's modifiers).
  2. Close Quarter Assault is just game wrecking. Being able to wipe 3 cards at some point round 2 or 3 can single handedly win the game.
  3. More consistent economy. Emphasis is on consistent. I have 2x It Binds all Things, 2x Enrage and Imperial Armory (for slower matchups) so it's very likely that I will have my economy cards available most of the time. In Talzin variants is mostly Holocron or bust.

GreenRonin33 9

Do we by chance know how different this list is from the Berlin Regional winner?

karolko 244

@GreenRonin33 I don't know, didn't see that decklist. It is different from The Hyperloops version as follows:

+2x It Binds all Things +2x Overconfidence -2x Isolation -1x Frighten -1x Abandon all Hope