Kylo / Anakin Prague, Czech Republic Regionals 1st Place

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karolko 238

Winning decklist from Prague, Czech Republic regionals.

Top 4 from tournament was:

  1. Kylo / Anakin
  2. Phasma / Boba Fett
  3. Seventh Sister / Boba Fett
  4. Phasma / Boba Fett

Looks like Dark Side is on the rise and Boba Fett is character to be prepared for.

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Mystic 1

Czech players have any fb group or something?

karolko 238

GenghisDon 98

Did you like this better than eKylo2/eMother? I can imagine the freedom of even costed cards is nice, but Mother locked in damage every single turn. Probably good to streamline the damage to a single type with your pairing.

karolko 238

@GenghisDon I was not playing the deck (I was judging at the event), my wife did play the deck and we've playtested it together. That being said, I do not like Kylo / Talzin at all. Played it previously and just felt lacking. Advantage here (over Talzin variants) are:

  1. Consistent base melee sides (that helps resolve those brutal Ancient or Maul's modifiers).
  2. Close Quarter Assault is just game wrecking. Being able to wipe 3 cards at some point round 2 or 3 can single handedly win the game.
  3. More consistent economy. Emphasis is on consistent. I have 2x It Binds all Things, 2x Enrage and Imperial Armory (for slower matchups) so it's very likely that I will have my economy cards available most of the time. In Talzin variants is mostly Holocron or bust.

GreenRonin33 14

Do we by chance know how different this list is from the Berlin Regional winner?

karolko 238

@GreenRonin33 I don't know, didn't see that decklist. It is different from The Hyperloops version as follows:

+2x It Binds all Things +2x Overconfidence -2x Isolation -1x Frighten -1x Abandon all Hope