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truth123 305

looks pretty solid. did you playtest this yet?

BrianRaby 84

I will be playtesting this list at a local event tonight. I took 2nd place at a local event with the parent list that was developed for Trilogy play. It hit hard and fast but the events were mostly useless and the small amount of removal was very situational. After that event I switched Phasma for a Gamorrhan Guard to get survivability with the Guardian keyword but without phasmas damage die it failed. I am hoping that this version will get me the best of both worlds and will do a write up afterwards.

cjnj193 232

Why no Mobilize? Should help you setup for future turns even with a discount of 1

BrianRaby 84

Mobilize was being considered in this list when there were 10 upgrades and not 12. I love the idea of setting up a first action Rise Again as a beautifully timed clutch play or even just netting positive resources for future upgrade plays. I am hoping to get a couple of games in before the event and i'm going to see what event is weakest and try it there. Sound The Alarm maybe..?

12 upgrades feels a bit heavy, especially with only 1 unique and if pressed (or repeatedly flooded with them) I will think of removing Holdout Blaster. Also the inclusion of extra upgrades, and ones with ambush, are to help support bigger swings from Rise Again plays which is probably a Win More situation. E-11 Blaster could be considered here too but with 2 damage types it fits slightly better IMO. Testing will tell the proper changes I hope.

cjnj193 232

personally I do not like Subjugate, def better cards yo could be using

Crusader07 35

It Will All Be Mine and Law and Order might be 2 events you might want to consider squeezing into that deck.Discarding a Maul's Lightsaber or getting to turn and resolve 2-3 opponent dices for 2-1 or 0 ressources sound pretty amazing to me, 1 copy of each of course.

BrianRaby 84

I went 2 - 2 in my local event with this deck but I did make some changes.
I ran with: -2 Captain Phasma's Blaster -1 Dive -1 Defend -2 Sound The Alarm +2 Auto Cannon +2 Mobilize +2 Law and Order

Overall the games were very close but there were some standout cards that were less useful than I had hoped they would be and there were some cards that were sorely missed.

The modifiers on the Auto Cannon just couldn't compete with the base damage output of Captain Phasma's Blaster.

I Am Your Father was never great due to the opponent being able to choose. Each time I played it was a situation where Palpatine - Darth Sidious was dead on board if my opponent resolved a damage die so the best case scenario was that they paid a heavy price to take him down. The games that I lost were close enough that one more roll out with Palpatine - Darth Sidious would have swung the match in my favor. Better removal (Overconfidence)would fit better here.

Lastly Law and Order was just terrible. I never played it and I got it every game. The only time that I had A: Captain Phasma - Elite Trooper, 2: An optimal target AND the resources to play it the character was dead on board rendering the play useless. Again, something better was needed.

Some key cards that I frequently wished I had were Alter, Frighten, and Dive/Defend as well as Captain Phasma's Blaster and Overconfidence stated above. I do believe that It Will All Be Mine, Decisive Blow, or Snare could fix some of the issues.

It will be a few weeks until I play in an event again and between now and then I will ponder what changes to make based on these results.

The major mistake that I made was picking my own battlefield. Besides the Anakin Skywalker - Conflicted Apprentice/Finn - First Order Defector Battle Droid spam deck it was never the correct choice. The 4 health swing was too important.

Oh! Mobilize was pretty amazing. I played it twice to set up for Rise Again as the first action of the next turn and both times was able to equip Auto Cannon or Kallus' Bo-Rifle and swing in hardcore. The Ambush on Kallus' Bo-Rifle made the play especially spicy. Those were the 2 games that I won.

JBowser 57

My favorite combo in any deck that has villain red is to play Tactical Mastery, followed by We Have Them Now and then for the last action, resolve damage. It is the rough equivalent of Never Tell Me The Odds + ambush. In this deck, that would likely result in 8+ damage that your opponent has no chance to mitigate.

With Palp's power action you could even do this combo on round 1, although on round 2 you would probably be able to kill off a character in one shot.

ToxicZammy 1

I have a trilogy deck that I love to run of this. I would suggest running mostly 2 cost upgrades, which will allow you to save resources for when you have already used Palp's power action. I would also suggest the E-11 blaster that you mentioned. Having redeploy is key to this deck IMO.

Scactha 850

Clever tech on the 'nades. Add Locked and Loaded and you can do some neat dice turning into big dice. When I tested this myself my conclusion was to not go overboard on expensive events just because. Better get at least a 1 or 2 less on a Force Strike or similar over big stuff clogging the hand.

BrianRaby 84

I just remade this deck with quite a few changes and wrote up a pretty thorough guide. You all had awesome input and I would love for that to continue on the new deck thread!

I will be playing it this Tuesday and will see how it goes. It's a very fun deck to play and gives me everything I love: High damage, control, mind games, big plays, uniqueness, etc. There is also just 1 Legendary card in the list making it an easy deck to throw together and try. Thanks for the help and I will talk to you soon!