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RebelTraitor 109

Wanted to make traitor good. tell me if I did. give me tips if I didn't. thank you and enjoy!

6 comentarios

Cip_on_the_beach 2

I think it's a good fun deck but... no Bait and Switch?!?! REALLY?!?!

JBowser 57

I think you might be better served with Boba Fett. Jango Fett has suffered from the effects of power creep. Jango's action cheating is not good enough to make up for Boba's better die.

RebelTraitor 109

@Cip_on_the_beach I knew I forgot something! thanks. @JBowserThe idea is to combo Jango with traitor to get him out early

JBowser 57

Ok, sounds good. My favorite combo in a deck like this is Tactical Mastery into We Have Them Now and then resolve damage. It’s the rough equivalent of Never Tell Me The Odds + ambush.

cjnj193 232

I personally like the idea of two traitors over 1, let’s you bully 2 character decks into missing upgrades

jditch10 1

This was one of the first decks I built when Legacies came out. I love that someone else is trying it. I thought it was going to be broken good with the action cheating. Basically, I activate two characters, you activate one, and then it's my turn...so fun!! But...But...But...I found the deck a little too inconsistent and not quite powerful enough to really be a great deck. I also seemed to lose Jango pretty quickly against agro decks, which turns off the major strength of the deck.

Bait and Switch is a must. Also, Take Flight and Quickdraw Holster work awesome to help fix bad rolls and still action cheat. I also included the Relby Mortar Gun and dropped it on Rebel Traitor and even a Phasma's Blaster. I didn't do the LL-30 because it's sides are just not enough damage. Lastly, this deck gets to the battlefield quickly and can lack in resources, so Outer Rim Outpost seemed to be the best battlefield. In my version, I take out the Fast Hands and the Backup Muscle. You just want to deal 5 - 8 damage without your opponent being able to do anything about it and get on with the turn. It's still one of my most favorite dun decks and when it rolls well, it's basically unstoppable.