Villain Vehicles

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Rainbow Villain Vehicles 0 0 0 1.0

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4 comentarios

JediConsular4hire 66

I love the idea of a good villain vehicle deck. I think you should consider a Blue character to add some of the very powerful blue villain vehicles. That will also allow you to run enrage for resources.

outro 161

@JediConsular4hire True, a blue character would up the card choice. I'll tinker around with the idea. Thanks for the feedback ;)

maximus 611

I've made a villain vehicle deck with eCienaRee/eMotherTalzin/Bazine. I was using Hound's Tooth and Kylo Ren's Starfighter in that team and won a tournament. I was using First Order TIE Fighter also that you don't have and a lot more mitigation cards. To survive, I had Force Illusion, Armor Plating and Witch Magick in the deck.

outro 161

@maximus That was my base idea for a rainbow as well. Didn't went with Force Illusion or Armor Plating. It's on a "sidedeck" to swicth while I try out the deck. Can be usefull indeed.