I Am the Senate (3-0) Mobile, Al 6-16-2018

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ScottyWhite 130

A couple of weeks ago I was toying around a deck that focused on Darth Vader - Sith Lord and a MagnaGuard with the idea being that I could put out use Separatist Landing Craft to bring out Battle Droids and then use ‘The Price of Failure’ to ready Vader and continue the cycle. It didn’t work, too clunky and Vader just never rolled the damage I needed him to. I am one not to give up on an idea of a deck so I thought about it, looked online and decided to switch out my characters for Palpatine Darth Sidious and a Death Trooper. It worked better for me.

Gamers N Geeks had their monthly tournament and this time around it was constructed. We had six players each with different decks and I settled on trying out this Palpy. This is how it played out.

Round 1- e/Aayla Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight. My first match was a fun one, Blue melee damage being thrown down with Aayla changing dice I should have been a goner. My opponent even played Preemptive Strike which I placed the damage on my Death Trooper. He went for a quick kill on my Death Trooper but I got to bring him back with a 2 cost Endless Ranks and then it was over. Palpy throwing down damage with the help of his force powers really came through and when things got tough, a 2 cost Rise again was ready to help. 1-0

Round 2- e/Phasma Ruthless Tactician e/Tarkin. Second match was a situation where the die were in my favor. I manage to throw out more damage to clear Phasma from the board and then I used my mitigation to keep Tarkin from using his power action. A three cost Rise again helped keep Palpatine alive and Training on the Death Trooper really added to my damage punch. 2-0

Round 3- eKylo/eAnakin- My opponent ran into trouble early on not getting any weapons, but he did manage to do some damage with Kylo’s ability. He took out my Death Trooper but again he returned thanks to Endless Ranks. Mitigation help keep Kylo’s Melee dice at bay and I managed to hang on long enough for the victory. 3-0.

I had fun with the deck. I will admit I got lucky, the dice were in my favor. I want to find room for Force Illusion so I know I got some more tweaking to do, I really want to get the Battle Droids to work but didn’t have a chance in the three games, but their time will come. I might play a version of this in Birmingham next week, who knows. I do have a new Hero deck based on Star Wars Rebels i’m itching to try.

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Pegasus 1

I actually like this deck.

Cool Cat for President 87

Did you ever consider Fragmentation Grenade?

the BEAST 1020

Why in the world was everyone going against the death trooper?

Icezox 7

Why do you talk about using The Price of Failure but did not put it in the list ? Since you wanted to use the Separatist Landing Craft for it why did you change your idea?

ScottyWhite 130

@Icezox sorry about that. For some reason my brain listed Mislead instead The Price of Failure.

ScottyWhite 130

@Cool Cat for President I haven thought about Fragmentation Grenade I got to see if I have any, but yeah that's a cool idea.

@the BEAST Right? Who knows what goes through players minds.

JBowser 57

Have you considered using Captain Phasma - Ruthless Tactician instead of Death Trooper?

ScottyWhite 130

@JBowser The fun in using the Death Trooper is I can use Endless Ranks to bring him back. Taking him out cuts Palpatine - Darth Sidious use in half between ER and Rise Again.

JeffLawST 32

i have a deck I'm building with this as well.. its doing okay...

ScottyWhite 130

@JeffLawST Doing anything different? Got any pointers? What were your trouble spots? Maybe together we can crack this code.

ZenArcade 1

I would probably put Mobilize in here, it's at least two free resources with the power action

ScottyWhite 130

@ZenArcade Ooh now that's an idea I haven't thought of. MIght have to find some space for it.