Sno you won’t! 7-1 in 11 person Store Championship 1st pl

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Snoke's Blokes - 4th Place 24 person store champs. 5 4 0 1.0

dnswook21 92

won the store championship today with this deck!

Grievous and Cad Bane- win ( round 2 win) e Kylo2 and e Anakin1- win

Cassian and e Sabine- win

Cassian and e Sabine- win- win

e Luke3 and e Rey2-lose-win-win

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Villain 121

Deck looks awesome. I have been messing with something similar. Can you tell me a little about how you plsy this deck?

badeesh 56

I must say Glancing Shot looks dark horse good. Especially in decks like this.

dnswook21 92

@Villain Deck was pretty versatile, the one loss i had was because of rey getting off an awesome discard.
Looking for a vehicle placement in open hand. There are so many ways to achieve this. Snoke - Supreme Leader can make this happen using his ability on a resource roll from Firmus Piett - Ambitious Admiral or Rebel Traitor. The chance cube in combination with Friends in High Places or getting out 3 cost vehicle with Truce and Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1 and then Friends in High Places. Hailfire Droid Tank were probably the stars of the show thou with doing indirect everytime you play a vehicle and there droid ambush.
Rebel Traitor also can slow down Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert which was helpful.

dnswook21 92

@badeesh I agree when you resolve 7 as a 6 and then remove one of their dice. There is a little sting.

Villain 121

@dnswook21Thanks for the response. I have tried your version now a couple times and have found that it plays really well and is a blast!

I have a couple questions regarding a couple cards:

  • Did you test Slave1 vs say a Fang Fighter?
  • Also how often did Truce come into play? I haven't been able to make much use of it.
  • Also did you get a chance to play Pirate Speeder Tank at all? Was thinking that over the Sonic Cannon for some more vehicle synergy.

All in all great deck!

SirToastsalot 19

This seems realyl fun, what do you think of cienna over piett?

dnswook21 92

@Villain I didn’t try the Slave I because I personally like having 3 cost vehicles I actually thought about trading a fang for another Ark Angel. I use Truce all the time, get out a Hailfire Droid Tank turn one, or roll a need a resource 7 indirect and have no resources showing so they don’t mitigate, or to get off a mitigation when it’s badly needed. Pirate Speeder Tank sounds like a good replacement. I use the LR1K Sonic Cannon as another good Delve or Friends in High Places catch but I like that if I roll it in first in the round it can threaten a kill after they have spread the indirect around. Then they usually use there mitigation or it lets you know they don’t have mitigation.

dnswook21 92

@SirToastsalot Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot resource sides are nice and her action but the modified side and not having a focus make me lean towards Firmus Piett - Ambitious Admiral. His ability comes in pretty handy sometimes too.

siggy2021 75

From the few times I've played something similar to this with the same character lists I've found Firmus Piett - Ambitious Admiral to be invaluable. Being able to turn your Rebel Traitor die to a 1 resource round 1 and forcing your opponent to either burn removal on getting rid of it or giving you 5 resources round 1 is excellent. Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot might roll that resource naturally more often, but you're still relying on dice at that point.

nismojoe 66

How did you play against esabine/Cassian?

nismojoe 66

Disregard above.

SirToastsalot 19

I forgot about the piett can turn a non unique die as well. I was just thinking in my hux cienna guavian deck I've been able to make a lot of money and use ciennas ability to ready vehicles multiple times in a round

Epro 554

I smell a return of Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple

Destiny Deck Analysis 232

Which character should opponents target first?

Ion87 25

Do you find that Firmus Piett - Ambitious Admiral ends up making your vehicle dice worse? You have to turn them to value 1 sides, if they have them, when he activates. Given that, ciena sounds a bit more appealing.

dnswook21 92

@Ion87turn any number of your vehicle dice, which can include zero, so it works well if you need shields or resources or 1 ranged on the Ark Angel. It also can help you get Friends in High Places off if you rolled any vehicle blanks