DV Store Champs Top 8 Finisher; The Breakfast Club

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onelove9100 115

Disclaimer: This is not the exact 30 card deck I played in the Store Champ at Dreamers Vault. But the core of the deck is the same and the way the deck plays is not effected by the changes.

For the sticklers, five cards were swapped from the original build. Two Misleads replaced the two Easy Pickings. Two ARC 170s replace one ETA-2 Interceptor and one N1-Starfighter. And Finally Defensive Racing was replaced by BB-8.

This will not be a long write up. I could explain why I chose my character set in detail and the synergy that each character has with the vehicle suite but, I think that takes away from the beauty of the deck. I will say that I believe these characters are the right combo because of 31 Health, great abilities, base damage sides and resource generation. I will also say that I believe in this vehicle suite but it can definitely be played around with. Four wide vehicles is awesome because it can take damage for multiple rounds and now with these WotF vehicles hitting a little harder, special mention to Hailfire for that constant damage pressure, it can survive late game and pull of the win with tons of Vehicles on the field.

In the Store Champ I did beat A Kylo/Price Deck, and had two very close defeats with a different Kylo/Price Deck. I beat a Kylo/Snoke Deck and RIP but I also beat Sabine/Yoda. My other defeat was at the hands of a rad Anakin2/Aayla/Ezra2 Deck, the shields, quick ramp and focusing ability of this deck proved to be too much but, it was a close match and I just couldn’t roll damage.

The moral of the story is this deck put me in a position to win every game. And I was facing some decks which I believe will be Tier 1.

This deck was a joint venture with a good friend who put more time into its creation than I did. #Cloudcitycasuals

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Bminny 8

Why no Easy Pickings in this list? Is Mislead actually better for you?

Darth_JarJar - CloudCityCasuals 331

We found in testing that Mislead was more consistent removal than easy pickings was, especially with how prevelant Talzin is in the Meta. It also makes all of our removal less conditional.

Villain 121

I have been using a similar deck. My deck has the combo of hired gun/rookie pilot over Rose/Jar Jar and I was wondering what makes you chose your pairing. I also was wondering how your two redeploy weapons worked for you and how well second chance went for you over force illusion?

Awesome job and thanks for the share!

Darth_JarJar - CloudCityCasuals 331

@Villain the deck was built around Republic Cruiser special. Weapons were used for the Ezra power action, or for more damage dice to be in the pool. And force illusion in my opinion isn't a good card for vehicle decks as we need to use most of our deck to win. This deck values cards more than damage taken. Second chance can be great to prolong the game for an extra turn, but it isn't necessary to win, it's used about 50% of the time

TempestChemist 1

I've been experimenting with 4 wide vehicles myself and my current list is Yoda, Ezra, Anakin and Gungan, would you say Rose fixing the Crait Speeders and the extra unique character is better than just having more consistent dice or would you say 4 shields VS 3 is not essential? Also would you ever consider Anakin's Podracer for extra impact on the opponents hand?

onelove9100 115

@TempestChemist Rose fixing the Crait speeder is huge but she was also chosen for her resource generation in her special. Though, I do see the value in Yoda to fix dice and gain resources. However, with the choice of Yoda you have to play gungan or Jawa and 6 health makes me nervous in this meta just for the one shot kills. 7 isn’t much better I realize but, with second chance there is a “second chance” for the 7’s in my charater set to live longer. Another point on Yoda as I have used him in vehicle decks before and I have found that I could really only maximize one of his special actions: I wanted to gain the resources to play more vehicles or wait to use him to fix vehicle dice. Rose is nice because you know what her roll is, make money and remove damage from the Crait speeder. I did look at Anakin’s podracer but we decided to go with a damage focused deck that has the health to hold on. Every vehicle we play has damage save the Repiblic Cruiser. Which is in there obviously for those sheilds which I do find essential. I also like the flexibility of the special for late game to give one character two shields. With the Four Unique Build those shields add up quick and had multiple games with all characters having two or more shields.