eDooku w 2 Droids

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eDooku Droids 0 0 0 1.0

AlienInMyKitchen 59

Soak up damage on Battle Droid with Fort Anaxes - Anaxes, The Best Defense.... Punish all the indirect damage decks.

Use money on upgrades or save up for Rise Again. Shoto Lightsaber, Ancient Lightsaber, Force Illusion are great for survivability. Electrostaff works very well with Dooku's activation. Late game upgrade into a 3 cost upgrade.

Leverage 0 cost removal to keep Dooku around. Probe for any removal, if its all gone abuse The Price of Failure. Open rounds with Tactical Mastery for quick damage to take out a character early.

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Zanderson26 54

Running something with this pairing but quite a bit different. I will publish it for comparison.

Zanderson26 54

Also really like the deck style

Ludodoc 79

I was playing around with this as well - couple notables that I included are Aftermath and Respite (resources seem like a bit problem since the droids have no resource sides and you would rather use Dooku's dice for damage). Good call on Probe - I hadn't thought of that include but it seems good for sure as an attempt to protect Dooku's dice!

Rhavas 9

I think you're better off dumping the Rise Again and focus on paying for your upgrades. Perhaps replace it with a couple Lightsaber Pull to make sure you have the weapons you want/need.

truth123 305

i believe the when you annotate with you use a slash after the w; w/ 2 Droids.

Razelll 244

That is the truth. lol