Snoke's Blokes - 4th Place 24 person store champs.

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siggy2021 75

I piloted this to a 4th place Store Championship finish at Beyond the Board in Columbus, Ohio. The deck is not optimized as of yet, but it's a blast to play. On to the matchups.

Round 1 - Fifth Brother - Intimidating Enforcer/Seventh Sister - Agile Inquisitor

I started this game with 2 Delve, 2 Planetary Bombardment, and a Friends in High Places. I was pretty sure it was over at that point, but I managed to make enough money to not only Delve out both bombardments, but resolve them as well. It's hard to stand up to 2 Bombardments round one, especially if you don't get the removal you need. I hit him for 8 the first round, 14 the second, and finished it out with a Hailfire Droid Tank play to go 1-0.

Round 2 - Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance/Yoda - Wizened Master

Ugh, mill. I was afraid of this matchup. There weren't any plays of note. I think I missed a couple of Hailfire Droid Tank plays that might have won me the game, but I'm not 100% sure. With more experience with the deck that problem should go away. I ended up getting milled out, but was only 2 or 3 damage away from winning at the end. This opponent ended up going 4-0.


Round 3 - Hero Vehicles/Mill Rose - Skilled Mechanic/Jedha Partisan/Jedha Partisan/Long-Term Plan

This is one of my normal testers and travel partners, but this was a brand new deck for him. He was literally piecing it together 15 minutes before the tourney started (I'm not sure why tbh). It was very interesting and was doing a hybrid of mill and damage, hitting your cards out of hand with Long Term Plan. In the end I managed to edge him out on damage, but I only had 1 card left in my deck in none in hand.


Round 4 - Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor/Rey - Finding The Ways

This was an interesting match. I didn't draw a support in the first three rounds and he had both Traitor and Piett dead. I had about 14 resources and nothing to do with them. Then they finally showed up and I was able to vomit them all into play. His dice went very cold. I had chipped a little damage in there with my characters, then rolled into 11 indirect that he had no answer for.


Top 4 cut, Game 1 - Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance/Yoda - Wizened Master

This was the same opponent I had already lost to in swiss, but this would be a very different game. He managed to hit 9/10 of my supports with discard and mill. I wasn't able to put out enough damage, went on tilt, and it ended with me getting destroyed despite my best efforts. There wasn't much I could do when he was hitting them out of my hand on a 1/5 chance and knocking them off the top of my deck.

All in all it is a very fun deck, but there are some tweaks I would like to make. I was the only one in the top 4 not playing mill, so I'm thinking about teching in some anti mill cards. Three Steps Ahead never got played and I'm iffy on the usefulness of Deploy Squadron. I was hoping to pull off some dream combos of the two, but it never happened. I'm considering cutting some of those for a Reconstruct to bounce key supports back to my hand.

I'm not sold on the entire fleet of Supports. The only ones completely necessary are the Planetary Bombardment and Hailfire Droid Tank. Darth Vader's tie did a lot of work one game, and forces your opponent to deal with it. It's also not a card seen often. Dooku's solar sailor was excellent for pulling more stuff to do into my hand every round on top of the focus and resource sides. I had AT-ST in there to help mitigate some other vehicle decks. I expected to see a lot more of them and not nearly as much Mill. Most of the rest can be subbed in for whatever you see fit.

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