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Portland Regional 1st and 6th Place: ePoe2/eHondo 76 56 16 1.0
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geekgirl 1


i'm actually playing Poe Hondo on my own way. and with way of the force card, i tried to imagine how i could improve my deck.

why only imagine? i'm french and cards are not release yet. sweet.

i imagine this deck very Quick and with some control.

maybe i should play Hangar Bay - Imperial Fleet with Honor Guard and this red card from way of the force which i dont remember the name. the card with rex firing..

i have seen that equip Poe on the first round make matchup more intense.that's why I try tout put a lot of 2 ressources cost weapon.

Darksaberseems to be the vip card. As Hondo and poe cost are 15.

let me know your Guess.

non i don't have Yoda.

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