2018 NA Championship Top 16 - Rose / Wedge Vehicles

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Tacster 683

This is what I played at Gen-Con 2018 the NA Championship. I went with a high HP vehicle list with decent consistency over lower HP and superb consistency (in Thrawn/Snoke). Theres not anything too notable able this list. It was actually worked on my by Artificery teammates Hexen and Agent of Zion, with me only picking it up in the last week. It drops blue from the common mold of hero vehicles but I have always really found Wedge's power action to be quite strong.

One of's for the 3 cost vehicles really to just add variety, the N-1 isn't the best but if there is any chance of opponent vehicles its actually quite good. I was able to kill multiple vehicles with it throughout the tournament.

Quick Breakdown

Day 1 swiss: I went 6-2 winning vs Yoda/Cassian mill, Finn/Maz, Kylo/Snoke, 2 different Snoke/Piett/Rebel Traitor vehicles, and Yoda/Cassian aggro. My losses were to Talzin double mandos and Yoda/Cass/Ani mil (The NA Champ)

Top 32: Vs launch bay, was able to manage lots of discard and disrupt throughout both games to cause him to never fully be able to combo off. while having enough resources / cards to remove the Launch Bay die when he might have been close.

Top 16: Lost vs the runner up and his Talzin double Mandos. I think his list was excellent and was a good counter even to my high HP pool since his damage was not as easily mitigateble with my multi-die removal.


It was prettty much a standard vehicle deck that didn't play terribly differently from previous ones I had played. The lower cost curve meant not needing tech teams which was nice. I picked the deck knowing the mill matchup would be bad but hoping for solid matchups against all 2 character decks and several 3 character ones. Looking forward to NOVA I don't think this list is really a top contender, but its not bad and its fair and it does vehicles well enough. If the meta shifts away from mill and to a lot of 2 character aggro it be in its best position.

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5P33D 75

How good is the Modified HWK-290 with rose? Like is it an auto include, or something you would consider taking out for say another N-1 Starfighter and ARC-170 Starfighter?

Hessian Sack 1338

@5P33D Modified HWK-290 is an amazing two-cost vehicle - just look at it's die! The one thing that wrecks it for everyone (who isn't playing Rose) is the damage it does to you. Rose fixes that problem. Personally, I don't think that you'd drop one for a second N-1 Starfighter, but maybe an ARC-170 Starfighter.

It's great to see eRose/Wedge/X getting some play! It got upstaged by Drive By Shooting and eAayla/eRose/X for a while there. I'll try your version in TTS. Did Rigged Detonation pay off much? It's one of those cards that I can't see being good in most situations...

Korran12 1

Why take Hired Gun instead of Jedha Partisan ? isn't there a better synergy with the sides?

Hessian Sack 1338

@Korran12 With Vehicles, you're not really looking for the same things in your characters. Hired Gun has more health and 2 resource sides, which are the primary deciders when it comes to Vehicle character choices - at least for me.

GregtheBiz 391

When the meta was 2 character lists, the Partisan seems better. In the 3-wide meta, resource generation/ramp is better

Hessian Sack 1338

Trying to decide which deck I should play at Australian Nationals (if I can make it). It's either this, eRose/Partisan/Partisan/LTP, or eAphra/Executioner/Executioner. I'll need to find an Aphra for the latter though. :\