G Parfitt - Crotch Rocket - UK Champs 1st Swiss.

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RPG (Ree/Plutt/Gunray) Eco Villain Vehicles 0 0 0 1.0
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leggo 86

Near enough a direct copy of the Version Miles Tamplin created. Only change made, was to drop one Beguile for a single The Best Defence... to help with the mill match ups expected at the event.

Deck is relatively light on mitigation, as nothing keeps your characters alive more, than killing your opponents. Force Illusion would be an inclusion in hind sight.

Dig for a chance cube, a decent sized vehicle, and grab as many resources as possible. Ciena allowing multiple activations on large vehicles (unfortunately not the Planetary Bombardments,) can often swing the game rapidly. In testing we found that with enough supports, most of the expected meta-decks crumbled, as the supports hit a critical point, that it was impossible to survive.

Having played as the gauntlet player, through a number of weeks of testing, I picked the deck up about 12 hours before the event. So there is a decent amount of power, to get me as far as it did, with as little play as I had.

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moicanorj 21

I really liked the deck concept, i sure will try it in my local store.
You will change anything in this list? After the tourney i will give you a report, until there i will keep training a little