Stinky Piett and his Mandalorian Friends (6-1, First place a

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Miket1100 406

My current take on the Mandalorian combo. This deck won 1st place at my most recent LGS night. It only lost one round out of seven.

If your battlefield is chosen you'll want to keep on bouncing back your free upgrade cards like Plastoid Armorand Quickdraw Holster if you're able to claim that round.

If you get Armed to the Teeth in your first hand, mulligan it. This is a late game card and it works wonders in this deck as a game closer. I closed 5 rounds of wins with this card at one event. Opponents will usually go for Piett first which allows your cheap upgrades become stacked on your Mandalorians.

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2disrupt 15

Dutch 2

I share `@2disrupt''s questioning of the hidden blaster, the redeploy on holdout blaster seems more worthwhile to me. My other question is about the lack of chance cubes. They work wonders on commandos and can fund all the plays you may need to make. Looks like a really fun deck otherwise.

Miket1100 406

@2disrupt``@Dutch I ran a version of this with chance cube and I didn't really like it that much. As for the zero holdout, it's simple...I don't have any haha. I like hidden though, it always me to ping a damage and knock a shield if there are any