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krez 599

I've always thought Crime Lord was an interesting card. With the addition of Leia Organa - Boushh, I'm excited to see how it can compete on the Hero side.^ This comes at a time when I expect to face a lot of Darth Vader - Terror To Behold in the early Across the Galaxy meta. While I haven't tested it yet, I'm really excited to play this deck.

With the potential damage this deck also has, I don't think it will be usually necessary to get two Crime Lord specials off. This is why I've decided to include 2x Ace in the Hole, which adds a sneaky combo in combination with Force Speed. I also have always liked Rebel, which adds some flexibility.

Like I said, this deck is not tested so it may change a lot as I start to play with it. I'm not sure if Double-Cross will pay off, but I'm looking forward to resolving Vader's 4 side with it. I threw in a Prized Possession as the extra anti-Vader tech so you can turn their three dice start into a measly two. >:)

^ edit: in hindsight I initially forgot Bo-Katan Kryze - Deathwatch Lieutenant exists. But a Crime Lord deck with a 3 dice start always felt pretty bad.

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tmart 49

I was play testing a version of this yesterday that was bonkers. I'll try to post a list shortly.

tmart 49

swdestinydb.com Here's my version. Enjoy!

krez 599

@tmart nice, it looks cleaner than mine. Maybe I'm trying to do too much with Treasured/Canto Bight/Fast Hands. I'm definitely looking forward to tweaking this deck because it can have a lot of different variants.

Lord_Moldywart 1

Yes!!! This Yoda/Rogue Leia/Crime Lord was the first and most immediate thought when when I saw her card leaned. Brilliant!

dpuck1998 46

Just built this, but minus Crime Lord, but have yet to test.

Tistu 1

What about chance cube?

Katagena 47

Have you test? Crime Lord is efficient ?

the BEAST 1079

What's the interaction between Prized Possession and Vader's ability?

krez 599

@the BEAST I think with Endurance the ruling is that the die is rolled into the pool, but once it is resolved it goes back to Prized Possession. So I imagine Vader will be the same.

VehicularSupport 41

A die on prized possession cannot be rolled in by endurance, resilient, or power action

krez 599

@VehicularSupport I actually checked the rules and you're right, thanks!

cjnj193 251

How do you feel about Lightsaber vs Canto Bight Pistol? Not really integral to the deck but unblockable 2 vs possible 3 and same damage vs mixed damage

Tistu 1

Test c.cube pls.

Daaneskjold 9

nice man! I'd test the 2nd beguile over defend I would love to get a 2nd beguile in there but not sure what to take out, probably the fast hands, do you need them w speed on yoda?

salaciouscrumb 34

I think you want Backup Muscle in the deck as an easy way to get Leia's special going. Most of your villain cards are costly so you won't be able to get them out early to get the most use out of the special. I also think Ancient Lightsaber might be too good not to include because it works well with Leia and gives you healing.

Shayde 38

Built a similar idea with Bo-Katan. When it hits it hits. Only disadvantage was 3 dice. This fixes that problem!