Dooku/Talzin TOP 4 New Hampshire Regional (Separatist Union)

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Separatist Charloe 69


Here is the Deck i played at the New Hampshire Regional. I Finish 5-1 in Swiss and top 4 in the top cut.

Congratz to Harrison for the Victory, he was my only lost both in swiss and top 4 during that day. You had a great deck. Well played !

Here a little list of the deck i face that day. All of them was great people and player.

-Round 1 : Boss Nass/Gungan(X3) W

-Round 2 : Beckett/Ciena L

-Round 3 : Han3/Poe2 W

-Round 4 : Thrawn/Snoke W

-Round 5 : Jyn2/Cassian W

-Round 6 : Yoda/Boushh W

-Top 8 : Kylo/Anakin Against my teamate :( W

-Top 4 : Beckett/Ciena L

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