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Undead Fett 0 0 0 1.0

Tux 27

4 comentarios

Slie1 25

Possessed is the best card for Old Daka - Nightsister Necromancer, go to 2. and Acceptable losses seems going to far into the zombies and you don't need those extra resources, swap for 2 hidden motive. I love this deck though.

maddenman 8

Why not 2 copies of order 66 in the standard 30 card deck to make 6 total with the plot for better odds of getting one? Just curious it seems like it would be worth it for this deck.

Nukesquad 3

Probably because Order 66 isn't really the win condition in most match ups. You don't want to dilute the card pool to the point you can't find Vow of Vengeance when you need it or Dead or Alive in the opening hand.

VehicularSupport 41

@maddenman I assume you mean Execute Order 66 which is red and cannot be added to the deck without a red character. The 4 copies from the plot are fine and legal