Maul and his Pimp

Simulador de robo
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Echo7 86

Was wondering, why only 1 Forsaken (the best removal card in the game I think) and no copies of Hidden Motive? Also, you've not got Maul's Lightsaber (which is epic with his ability), Darth Vader's Lightsaber or Dagger of Mortis?

Those issues aside, I think Watto is a great partner, especially with his ability on Maul's dice, but I'd definitely add Retribution to make it up to 30 points - that plot is amazing for just 1 point.

I don't think Canto Casino is great with these characters (you've only got a 28% chance of making a profit with maul's dice), but it's a solid choice if facing down a droid deck or just for some soft control.

I don't think A Tale of Tragedy is going to do you many favours here - you can't turn Maul's dice, and Watto has no side worth spending a resource to turn to. OK, it's control of the opponent too, but I'd rather put in removal instead.

Heirloom Lightsaber is better than Vibrosword - I'd double up on the Heirloom, and ditch the Vibrosword for some better blue weapons.

Looks like fun.