Top 2 -1/4/20- Chicago IL Prime @ Pastimes (Niles, IL)

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wretchedsin6 90

This is my Top 2 deck that I took to the Prime in Chicago, IL on 1/4/20. Played at Pastimes in Niles, IL

Shout out to Nick and Ron from Pastimes for hosting and Chris/Ryan/Bob/Jim/Casey/Levi from the Loth-Wolf Pack for streaming the event. If I mis-remembered any events or forgot things, my apologies.

Typical Palp/Watto deck. I put in Mysteries Of The Force in case I would play against a mill match-up. I LOVE Entangle. Pretty much the playstyle is to shield up and get down abilities as fast as possible, play Bacta Therapy to stay alive and kill with Fatal Blow. Overwrite your Palpatine's Lightsabers to Force Storms to save on , if needed.

Game 1 - Chris - Iden Beckett - Win 1-0

Great Player from Loth-Wolf Pack, Local from Fair Game and Amazing Fantasy Comics. We play tested against each other. He won the roll off and chose Salt Flats. He went full on aggro. Round 1 he had a special on Beckett and forced me to spend my 1 dollar on Mysteries. Round 2, he had a chance to do lethal, but mis-sequenced it and I was able to roll out and protect myself. Then I was able to get more and Bacta to eventually kill off Iden. Next round, I was able to use Mysteries for 2 Force Storms and a Sith Teachings, then he scooped.

Game 2 - Steven - Palp Watto - Win 2-0

Palp Off #1 of the day. I chose to go after Watto first and I think killed him by Round 2. I was able to Fatal Blow his Palp after, then used the Force Storm to kill him off. Stayed alive with Bacta and , mirror matches are slow and suck.

Game 3 - Alisa - Iden Beckett - Win 3-0

She won the roll off and chose Military Camp. She was able to do 7 damage Round 1 to Watto, then kill him late Round 2. I was able to ramp up Palp in that time, then Fatal Blow Iden in Round 3, then slowly kill down Beckett.

Game 4 - Jason - Maul Mando - Win 4-0

Played on stream . He played a Count Dooku's Lightsaber on Maul Round 1, so I went after Maul. Tried my best to control Maul and his upgrade dice. I mitigated his Darth Vader's Lightsaber twice. Huge Entangle at the beginning of Round 3 for me. I think he wiffed on Maul’s PA twice, tough rolls for him. With the wiffs, I was able to keep Palp alive then Fatal Blow Maul for the kill. Then just slowly killed down Mando. If he would have hit on some of those PA’s, it would have been a different story.

Game 5 - Darek - Palp Watto - Lose 4-1

Palp Off #2. Local from Pastimes. Game probably took around 50 minutes. I was able to get both of his Bacta’s discarded and I attacked Watto first. We both got off 1 Fatal Blow, I got off 1 Bacta, lots of and , slow as hell. He made a key Force Wave re-roll after time was called to do enough damage to beat me by 1 damage. What a jerk!!!

Game 6 - Chris - Iden Beckett - Win 5-1

I won the roll off and chose Theed. He went full aggro and got Palp close to death. I think he had a sequencing misplay Round 2 and after that I was able to recover with Bacta and kill off Iden. Then slowly killed down Beckett. Similar play flow to the other Iden/Beckett matchups, Palp comes close to death, ramp up and heal up, then Palp attacks.

Game 7 - John - Aphra eGrievous Sentinel Messenger - Win 6-1

Played on stream. Local from Fair Game. We play tested against each other. I was able to get off 2 DM's on a Bubble Shield and Vader's Fist. I think I killed Aphra in round 2. 1 Bacta and many used to keep me alive. He was trying to get Palp to 10 to use Mind Extraction and he came close. I discarded 1 of my Protective Suit thinking he didn't have it. I was able to kill him after he played a fun Mind Extraction on Palp.

Top 8 - Chris - Palp/Watto

Palp Off #3. Similar to the other Palp Off’s I went after Watto. Killed Watto probably in Round 3. Lots of Bacta and . Game took forever- 1 hour 5 minutes I think we finished Game 1. You only get 1:30 for 3 games. We milled each other out Game 1 but I had used the Action on Protective Suit to win. Game 2 - he went aggro Palp to try to make up time, got 2 Force Storms out by Round 2. He got close, but the 2nd game went to time and the first Tie Breaker goes to whomever won more games, so I won the match on Tiebreakers.

Top 4 - Isiah - R2/Obi-Wan

G1- He won roll off and chose his Obi-Wan's Hut. I went after R2 first. I had to do an early Fatal Blow to get some damage through his shields and then eventually killed off R2. Slowly killed down Obi with another Fatal and a Force Storm. I think I also had a key discard of his Ataru Strike.

G2- my Theed, he went full on aggro, good rolls and some nasty Ataru Strikes from Obi. Killed off Palp before I could get a good ramp going.

G3- I chose his battlefield. I was able to withstand his aggro damage with the setup 2 . Similar to game 1, killed off r2 with Fatal Blow and some damage. Shielded up and Bacta’ed and slowly killed down Obi.

Top 2 Final - Darek - Palp/Watto

Palp Off #4 - Same guy that I lost to earlier, we are both local players. G1- 1 game, 1 hour, so sick of this crap. Lol. We had 2 hours to finish 3 games. Instead of focusing to damage, since we both had Soresu Mastery and Force Jump specials showing frequently, we both kept collecting . I finally beat him by discarding BOTH of his Bacta’s and used mine to recover from an early Fatal Blow from him. He couldn’t keep up with the Unlimited Power! HA. Time was 10:30 pm local time, I have a baby coming soon, he promised he would go to Worlds to represent us, so I scooped and we split the prizes. Congrats to Darek! He’s a great guy and a great player. Watch out for him at Worlds 2020!

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OverbakedEZBake 27

I'm Chris from top 8. It was great to meet you. I had a ton of fun in our Palp off. Wish we could have had enough time to properly finish. Enjoy that new baby. Hope to see you around another tournament in the future.

Telcontar 15

Dude, this is why I play Maul - Skilled Duelist. Win or lose, the game is over in 15 minutes!! Haha!