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JaDato000 558

This deck concept is built to be a Villain Control/Mill Deck that still has the ability to dish out damage when needed.

I personally feel Jabba the Hutt has been over looked as one of, if not the best overall Control Character in the 'Awakenings' set. With 2 and 2 and having the ability to reroll his own die after activation, gives you a better chance to hit his and die symbols.

Pairing Jabba the Hutt with Darth Vader seems most optimal to me. Darth Vader is passively providing Disrupt with his ability and causing aggro, to keep Jabba the Hutt safe, all at the same time. Darth Vader gives you access to many force control cards, such as: Force Choke, Force Throw, Immobilize and Mind Probe. All of which have the ability to be played on both Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader, due to Sith Holocron.

All the force control cards listed above control the game in one way or the other, lets break them down:

Force Choke: This Character Ability Upgrade is offering us Disrupt, Discard and Die Manipulation while still provided 1 unblockable damage for those times we actually need to kill an opponents character.

Force Throw: This Character Ability Upgrade is offering us Disruption on two sides and Die Removal with the possibility of Damage. Even if you remove a die that provides 0 damage to the opponent, removing a die is very powerful because they wont be able to reroll it.

Immobilize: This Character Ability Upgrade is offering us Disrupt and Shields. Shields can be very strong is this deck to keep Jabba the Hutt alive.

Mind Probe: This Character Ability Upgrade is offering us Disrupt, Discard and possibly a lot of damage. The on this card is going to be situational, since our goal is to discard as many cards from our opponent as we can. But if Jabba the Hutt because the focus of your opponents attacks, Mind Probe on Darth Vader late game could be enough damage to net you a win.

I am also running Crime Lord. I do not be any means consider this deck to be a Crime Lord Deck. I simply have it as an option. Also, I love the die faces. have the ability to change 2 of your own die to any side works so well with Jabba the Hutt. Not to mention, its providing Disrupt and shields. This die can also be rerolled with Jabba the Hutt's Character Ability.

The rest of the cards in the deck provide your typical Die Manipulation or Die Removal, while some cards like Power of the Dark Side are providing damage as well.

I hope you enjoy my deck. Please feel free to offer any suggestions or critiques. I will be sure to update this deck concept as I play test it in the coming months!

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hoddmimir 58

Deck looks good. Looking forward to seeing how it matches up at Epic. I am curious though why you didn't include more yellow cards with Jabba's ability? Right now it seems like the only reason to use his ability is to try and trigger Crime Lord which you said isn't a major part of your deck.

JaDato000 558

Thank you kindly.

While creating this deck concept, I personally felt like Blue Villain Control cards where stronger in both die faces and resource costs. There are a few Yellow cards I'd love to add to this deck but they are Hero only. Also, Sith Holocron only works with Blue Ability Upgrades.

Also, to my knowledge, Jabba the Hutt can reroll his own die after activation. At the time of writing this, I haven't been able to find a definite rule on this. But the way his ability reads, it sounds like this should be the case. And being able to reroll his own die (just one) immediately after activation seems very good.

H3pat1tvsJ 37

You are correct. His dice are "yellow" for purposes of his ability.

Kadzuk 7

Need to be careful with crime lord. Cunning is an auto include in yellow decks leading to an easy vader KO.

JaDato000 558

@Kadzuk - Crime Lord in this deck wasn't meant to be used for its ability, but more so for its other powerful die faces. But after looking at Cunning and thinking about it, I 100% agree with you.

It provides more , which Crime Lord doesn't. Also, Cunning's could help push damage late game, if my opponent chooses to focus Jabba the Hutt instead of Darth Vader.

Thank you for the great suggestion.

hoddmimir 58

I need to take a longer look at Cunning. I appreciated it as a card before but mostly figured it would be useful for activating some of my own special abilities more often, but it could definitely be a deterrent for certain other strategies as well, especially Crime Lord. Definitely something to think harder about.

JohnGobeilSKB 614

My friend played a deck very similar to this with Cunning instead of Crime Lord last night. We played 3 games on TTS with my playing Han/Rey twice and Grievious/Dooku once.

Most games he got the holocron out early which was lucky, but he won all 3 from milling me eventually. The last game took over 1.5 hours.

Overall, this deck is absolutely miserable to play against.

With the games taking so long to complete it could lead to many modified results in tournaments. If FFG goes with a 45-55 minute single match for each pairing in the tournament, this deck will have issues being competitive. If my speculations are correct and the first tiebreaker is damage done or remaining hp, then this deck would have had a modified loss for two of games we played.

Steeltoe 1

Something else to think about is putting in a Prized Possession which can be really nasty against decks running non-Elites like Poe Dameron, etc.

Diehardlurch 1

I find Vader keeps getting wiped out too quick lol

thesynicalone 1

Played this deck at tournament this past weekend. Went 3-1 through swiss, and lost in top 4 to eVeers/eJango. Very solid deck, and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for the post.

rmohler 585

@thesynicalone Yeah, I could see eVeers/eJango giving this, or any control deck, some serious problems. Maybe it's worth running Dodge, Deflect, Disarm, or some other hate if that deck is common in your meta?

BigDaddyGoblyn 295

I would lower Crime Lord to one, and add one Cunning. And curious if you thought about Ambush?

Barnie25 1

A few questions. Shouldn't this deck be running Cunning? Cunning seems like a very good tool for this deck seeing how the deck likes to resolve specials. Also how could you run the deck if you don't have access to Force Choke? Is it integral?

Is Hunker Down something to consider or Hidden in Shadows to deal with the high aggro that some decks are putting out, to get some survivability in the deck.

JaDato000 558

For those asking, this was my original rough draft of the deck that was created before cards were readily available for purchase. I have made quite a few modifications to the deck after much play testing and those of you saying "Jango will be an issue for this deck." - you are correct.

My most recent draft and the deck I use at my LGS is located here:

My LGS holds $5 buy in tournaments every Monday at 4 rounds an event. The three events I have been to, the deck is currently 9-3.