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nojjon 209

Winner of face to face tourney May 6. 6-0

I also won a tourney on may 4th. 5-0. The deck was almost the same but i didn't have trust your instincts.

the deck is basically keep vader dice safe and kill as fast as possible. So picking the right target to kill is super important. My local meta has a lot of mill so I've built more towards not losing to them.

Only one force speed in the deck cause i only have one atm.

Your opening hand you want fast hands, force speed, holocron and mind probe. Fast hands mainly vs control decks and holocron vs aggro decks.

Tough Match ups and what to do.

Vs. Hero mill. Kill maz or padme first. disrupt those resources if you have 2. Do not let them set up second chance/ ammo belt. If the game drags out you will lose. Throw away as many cards as you have to, to re-roll. Never choose to take shield if you win initiative.

Vs. Rey & other Kill rey first to stop action cheating.

Vs. poe maz gotta kill maz first. This match up is very hard. Try to remove poe's dice even if they are showing blanks.

Vs. unkar jabba mill This is another tough match up. You want both dead but the one i usually pick is the one they load up on. Throw away those mind probes and throws if you dont think you can get them out early. No need to give them crimelord fuel. The great news most of your cards are 0-1 cost.

vs. Fn That deck has poor resource generation. So disrupt is a possible action not just damage. You do not have to kill the FN first. It all depends what he has on the FN. If he has 3 redeploy items on the FN you dont have to kill him first. Killing the support can be just as effective. The reason why this deck is soo good is thermal detonator. If he rolls it in with special 3 damage to all. The only way you can prevent him from setting this up is to deny his money.

vs. other aggro just picking the right target to kill is important and then just pray your roll well.

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Mithay 1

Tried this deck today. It worked pretty great. Played vs Jangeers, erey/ehan and eluke/akbar It feels way more agro than before. Fast hands and vibroknife is brutal on Vader. Completely bypassed Hero ability to generate lot of shields. Paired with Bait and switch/force strike i easily dodge die modification.

Enfantterrible 171

So during the World Championship we saw Boundless Ambition come to great use with Vader/Raider, have you considered adding one for this deck?

nojjon 209

Ye i thought about boundless ambition but my local meta is 40% mill decks. Why give them more fuel to unkar me. Also the only way to put it in is to give up some control, which I've already given some up for trust your instincts. But definitely a possible tech option.

Enfantterrible 171

@nojjon, alright so gave this deck a spin, and I gotta admit, it's really solidly built. I did in fact swap out 1 Trust Your Instincts for a Boundless Ambition and it did win me the game :D

Bait and Switch, which I've used in my eAurra/Death Trooper deck to great effect is a ridiculously good card - in fact better than Force Strike (when conditions are met - obviously), since its an Ambush action and therefore allows for resolving together with modifiers (yay, +2 vibro, +2/+3 Kylo's) ...

Good amount of control and loads of damage out of hand - which took me a bit by surprise as I was sceptical to the quite low amount of weapons and force upgrades.

Good job ;)

Yoru 2

@nojjon what would you replace for the second Force speed?

nojjon 209

@yoru most likely i would drop kylo saber. I found it hard to pay for the saber and replacing a throw or mind probe was unnecessary.

Yoru 2

@nojjonIsn't it better to drop one Trust Your Instincts instead? I feel that there are too few weapons... And is it really worth to play holocron for just 4 cards?

nojjon 209

@yoru The only weapon you need is Vader lol. The holocron is worth just for 4 cards. You can gear the raider if the fight drags on and there is nothing like a free mind probe.

Cod 57

So because I was lucky enough to open 2 force lightnings I've put together this deck but swapped the probes for lightnings since it seems to be more consistent damage (even though the sides can be more expensive). Would you make the swap if you were able to?

nojjon 209

I've tried lightning and i didn't like it. The main reason is all the dmg sides are pay sides. Running 2 resources per turn is tight when you have to use one to pay for lightning every round. If i was gonna put lightning in I would drop the throws not mind probe.

Enorym 1

I pretty much have this deck now thanks to some new purchases. I am just wondering about Doubt.. I just don't see this card as very useful, because wouldn't the opponent not just resolve their dice, unless it's a modifier? Thought maybe there are some better cards to use than this one?

nojjon 209

Doubt is great. Its 0 cost. Whatever your re rolling is the usually worst it gets so you can only go up. It also stops them from using other modify dice 2. It comes down to the roll of the dice.

Enorym 1

I substituted Maz's Castle - Takodana for Secluded Beach - Scarif, so gonna see how that goes :)

Andfritz30 1518

What do u think about force push?

nojjon 209

@Andfritz30, throw is just better in every way, but u can drop mind probe if you want to try something new. I have not updated this deck in a while. I have more defensive stuff now.