The Death Mill (With Guide)

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Kr0ozin 1292


This deck will catch your opponent completely off guard with how fast it can mill them out. Loose Ends combo'd with Cheat is very powerful, and of course Unkar is the king of hand disruption. If you keep Unkar alive for more than 2 rounds, you'll win every time.


In your mulligan, you're looking for Imperial Inspection, Salvage Stand, and Personal Shield. Slapping a Shield on Unkar goes a LONG way to keeping him alive.

Game Plan

The game plan is pretty straightforward overall. Resolve Unkar's ability as many times as you can, and keep your opponent off balance by bouncing his upgrades and removing his resources (Unkar has plenty of and sides to proc Salvage Stand and Imperial Inspection.) The deck is chock full of ways to remove dice and mitigate damage (Cannon Fodder, Electroshock, He Doesn't Like You, and Suppression = 8 damage mitigation cards).

If you can, always try to use Friends in Low Places before you resolve Unkar's ability. Not only does it give you information and let you discard an important event, but you get a cheap card out of their hand, increasing the odds of getting more resources from Unkar.

In many games you'll find Unkar dying in round 2, even with all the protection. By that point you should have a decent amount of resources, and you can use Loose Ends deal the killing blow. And JUST when they kill your trooper and think they have you on the ropes, Endless Ranks ruins their day.

One final point to keep in mind is when your opponent is out of cards in their deck, I've often won by discarding to re-roll over and over, not caring what I get. Then, when my last card is Lying in Wait, I can play it and force my opponent to discard my entire hand, winning me the game.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

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vir0 13

@Kr0ozin how's the deck been treating you? What would you replace Blackmail with?

Kr0ozin 1292

@vir0it's been great! I've only lost one game total with it so far, and it came down to the very last roll (plus I'm pretty sure I misplayed).

As for replacing Blackmail, I think Cunning could be a solid replacement for maximum Con Artist shenanigans. I've just liked Blackmail because my opponent rarely has resources to stop the die, but of course it's also a legendary.

peafour 1

I like this deck, but I don't have any of the events from Awakenings. That kind of kills it, right?

Kr0ozin 1292

@peafourit's funny that you mention that, because I had the same problem. I missed all of Awakenings, so I had to trade some of my extra SoR stuff to get the events I needed for this deck. If you can do that, awesome (they're mostly common so should be easy to make some trades). If you don't have trading partners available, most of them are replaceable in some fashion.

I think the only required ones are Endless Ranks and Lying in Wait, as one helps you stay alive, while the other is a win condition. Cannon Fodder, Electroshock, and He Doesn't Like you are all damage mitigation/dice control cards that can probably be replaced with things like Doubt, One-Quarter Portion, and Traitor! for removal, or Undying Loyalty for some extra heal.

I tend to like these Awakenings events slightly more, but I think the deck can still perform reasonably well with SoR replacements.

peafour 1

I made some changes to compensate for my garbage cards, we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the inspiration!

Steelhawks 26

Here's my take on your deck.

Fast Hand is needed. With a Imperial Inspection out, roll our Unkar first, if you resolve 2 Disrupt on either dice, you put back that sweet upgrade back in hand and you resolve disrupt so they can't put it back in play the same turn. You can ressource lock pretty quick.

I think cards like Probe, Flank and The Best Defense should see play instead of Interrogation Droid, Suppression and Salvage Stand.

Probe / Friends in high place gives you a high chance of hitting a big cost card when you reslve Unkar's action.

You'll have the option to either Activate Unkar if he has fast hand, or just wait and play Probe/Friends to minimize their play until you get your lock on the field.

I'll give that deck a try as i didn't have a vilain deck but i like the core of this.

Millenium Hobo 2

You could replace the Death Trooper with a Royal Guard, just to help protect Unkar. No other blue card. Also, I have a question: You play with command center, but are you able to claim it, or do you find yourself being milled by your opponent? 3 characters is usually slow.

licasanova 94

What does this deck do about Poe Maz, I wonder. PM kills a char probably the fastest in the meta, and it doesn't care about upgrades or money or cards in hand (they usually empty before you can do anything, and will always have the BF).

Enfantterrible 171

It's a great deck, tried it yesterday both playing it and playing against it. Unkar died in every single game, and he died fast! There just doesn't seem to be any way to keep him alive!

I'll look into a few changes to the deck. Thanks for posting :)

Lucid 1

How does this deck come back when unkar dies?

Enfantterrible 171

Played a few more against and with this deck because I'm confident that we need to get used to mill taking more space in the meta, and do like the build here, and there are a few things I'd like to point out.

Unkar, as the original post indicates, is usually dead by round 2, it's unpreventable against hard hitting agro decks, which severely restricts your flow of resources. Having used Vader/Raider against it, I would often disrupt the 2 resources and hit for 2-5 a turn, which essentially keeps the Endless Ranks at bay. I would also limit my use of cards so as to not risk the mill, which means this deck really struggles mid game. If you can - against the odds - keep one of your troopers alive until endgame, you should be set, but that happened only once in 5 test games against/with this deck.

Solid build though - I like it ;)

dough54321 139

Yeah, I just used this on TTS. unkar was dead turn 1 against asajj/dooku. That was the end.

Kr0ozin 1292

Sorry guys, crazy week, meant to respond much earlier...

@Millenium's Hobothat's actually a great point. I'm going to try swapping out Command Center for the battlefield that heals a damage. If I get to use it, great. If not, I don't care how much damage my opponent has.

@licasanovaI sadly can't answer that one, because I haven't gotten to play that matchup yet.

@EnfantterribleI'm glad you like it! Keeping Unkar alive is definitely the challenge. I've been pretty successful doing that with a combo of personal shield and the tons of removal I run, but I'm sure there are improvements I can make. That said, I have won plenty of games when he died early by abusing Loose Ends, Cheat, and, of course, Endless Ranks (I sometimes have to plan a round or so ahead to make sure I have enough resources for ER)

I think it probably needs some tweaking, but it seems to have potential. I'm going to my weekly game night tomorrow, so I'll post some updates if I decide to make any tweaks!

Aorakis 4

Really interresting deck, i like the idea. I like those new Con Artist and Blackmail cards, they're quite funny to use. Imperial inspection is... Well.. As ennoynig as what i expected. This card is absurd in many ways imo. Breaking those little attachements deck so well, and it pair well with all that disrupt.

Any changes since you've posted the deck ?


the BEAST 1128

Really cool deck, I'll try it out...I think The Best Defense... would be the number one card to add since you can keep Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer alive longer, but really solid deck overall.

greenhulk 25

@Kr0ozinwas wondering what you might replace Endless Ranks with? I was thinking maybe Ascension Gun would work because it has the special side so you could use you battlefield with out your opponent being able to claim it. And the sides are extra fuel for Loose Ends. Still working on getting second a second copy of, Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer, Blackmail, Personal Shield, Con Artist, and Loose Ends, and I don't currently have Endless Ranks but I can't wait to try it out! Thanks for the inspiration!:-)

greenhulk 25

@Kr0ozin What about Personal Escort? Think it would be worth adding?

greenhulk 25

@Kr0ozin Great deck, I got to do some trading yesterday so I got most of the cards I needed for the deck but I am still missing one Blackmail one Loose Ends one Cheat and no Interrogation Droid and Endless Ranks but I swapped some cards out and it did well. I think that Personal Escort is really helpful as it can draw damage away from Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer. I was also thinking that I might add Prized Possession, because I found myself with a lot of extra resources that I didn't need and it would draw your opponents fire from Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer.

threepioh 1

@licasanova I've been testing Unkar against Poe Maz in prep for store champ season. It is pretty good. If you read your opponent right and use your Friends in Low Places you have a pretty good chance of stealing Poe's precious U Wings. You can still get blown out by a very lucky Poe Maz turn but it is the only deck I have seen that can strategize against it instead of trying to race it.

Wosho 57

How would like You like to steal it?

AeturnitasMalus 1

You take away their hit and run and then nab it with unkar's ability

Wosho 57

They will be long in your face before You can use his ability..

Isenfaust 1

@Kr0ozin i really like this deck. but how much you use Con Artist its yellow char only and if Unkar goes down in second round could be a dead card really.?

Kr0ozin 1292

Hey everyone. So I've been away from this deck for a while since I was focusing on Store Champs. I was fortunate enough to take one down this weekend (I used Emo Kids, fantastic Poe/Maz counter), so I'm going to revisit this one. I'll be making some tweaks over the next few days, so I'll be sure to update here!

gang leader 8

really good deck actually I agree why every body likes it! but i don get why ye have extra

TdSJimmy 7

With the nerfs in both Unkarr and Imperial Inspection, the deck continues viable? What do you think of change Death Trooper for a Tie Pilot and the two Imperial Inspection for The Best Defense...?

ASliceOfLife 1

`@TdSJimmy you would have to play it with single die unkar if you were still going to play it.

Husher315 23

Have you found a way to still make this deck viable for tournament play with the nerfs?

finnie93 1

You can not play this deck though it exceeds the point limit by 2 points (This deck is 32 points but you can only have up to 30 points)

Kr0ozin 1292

Yeah `@finnie93 unfortunately I made this deck over a year ago, before the Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer nerf. #freeunkar

finnie93 1

i found a way to use this deck instead of using death trooper use guavian gaurd