Top Box Heros (How to Beat Ewoks)

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FragrantOlives 279

Use R2's activation ability to turn Obi-Wan's dice to the natural 3 side. Constantly use overwrite on upgrades for additional value from come into play effects.

This deck dominates Ewoks. Choose their battlefield for shields (they'll just flip it anyways), and use the sheild generation to keep your characters on the board. Ewoks aren't great, most builds just run 10 unplayable cards against them. This deck has 4, and you can swap in one Hold Off for an Upper Hand if you want fewer dead cards against diceless characters. One of the Jedi Mind Tricks could be swapped for Heightened Awareness to taste.

Given that Droids often resolve their dice before you can interact with them and Ewoks have no dice, I think shields & healing provide alot of value in the current meta.

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Snortado 38

Fun deck! Seems resource starved for all your upgrades. Add Yoda's Lightsaber, Qui-Gon Jinn's Spirit, Qui-Gon Jinn's Lightsaber and remove Treasured Lightsaber & Grievance Striker?

How has it play-tested?

buckero0 1

Way too many light sabers I think. I'd go with some of the cheaper ones as well as try more mitigation ( any free cards) and resource generation

Snortado 38

I made a few tweaks (see link), but am excited to try this deck out!

FragrantOlives 279

@Snortado in my play testing I didn't struggle for resources much - The upgrades are meant to be overwritten, hence all of the come over into play effects. I do like the idea of Qui-Gon Jinn's Spirit as a finishing card, I just don't like the loss of tempo. Of the cards you mention, treasured Lightsaber would be my first cut. Qui-Gon Jinn's Lightsaber could be a good card for more defense, I wouldn't cut a redeploy weapon for it though. I'm probably gonna swap a Jedi Mind Trick for one Loth-Wolf Bond, just for a little tempo play. Glad you liked the deck, let me know how your build fares.

@buckero0 I'm not sure I follow. I'm running all of the blue here zero cost mitigation options aside from Hold Off. Exchange of Information is resource ramp and the excess of weapons is for overwrite abilities. Yoda's Lightsaber is the only cheaper weapon that I considered, & don't feel like it does enough to justify a card spot.

daveydtd 21

I think Loth Wolf Bond might be excellent in this deck.

FragrantOlives 279

@daveydtd after more testing, I like the idea of running one. I had two in my first draft (without Defensive Teaching) and found that they didn't consistently give me 2 shields. After more play, I'd drop one Jedi Mind Trick for a Loth Wolf Bond.

Snortado 38

Play tested similar deck. Tossed in It Binds All Things, Adapt, and Loth-Wolf Bond. Extra resource generation allows Beguile to be affordable and accelerates the lightsaber play. Only running 8 upgrades with 3 of them having redeploy which seemed to have plenty of attacking power with Obi-Wan's dice. Really fun deck!

FragrantOlives 279

@Snortado Great to hear, what upgrades did you end up running? Also, who have your opponents typically targeted first? It's almost always R2 here.

Snortado 38

Here is my deck:

100% R2 is the first target, that is why I added some more mitigation to the deck. #doubt or Sound The Alarm are other good, cheap options.

OverbakedEZBake 27


Doubt is a villain card.

Snortado 38

K, any zero cost mitigation card

Played this deck in a local tournament and went 3-0. It Binds All Things and Adapt are must haves. Beguile saved my butt. Ended up swinging for 12 damage on my last game. Very fun deck

FragrantOlives 279

@Snortado Congrats on the win! What decks did you run up against?

Snortado 38

Dangar / jango, new Yoda/santine, Poe/Rey. Shield vs. shield games were a marathon!