Battle Droid/eDarth Vader/R

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4 comentarios

prettykooltimes 2

Not sure why Admiral is in here, Errata says that he's only a Sith. Could someone show me where Vader has Leader?

Lobokai 1

You Are in Command Now... don't need to be a leader

prettykooltimes 2

I am blind, thank you! I scrolled through most of them but didn't see that one.

Izzy2x 124

In my opinion, Admiral is too hard to play on Vader. You HAVE to have YAICN to get it out. I've been saddled with YAICN more than once while admiral sits at the bottom of the deck. I feel that those are 4 good slots wasted.

Unless you're playing me on TTS, then you'll probably draw both first round and hit double resources. Haha, that's totally my luck.