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You know what they did.

I put this together after playing many games with only the cards within the starter set, and losing almost every time.

I've only recently discovered the wonders of Tabletop Simulator and what that means for SWD; to say the least, I'm a very happy and relieved returning player. It was so much fun to pick though all of these amazing cards available digitally to try and find a creative solution to this themed deck; and also what to do with the extra points thanks to a rebalance.


I'd like to reference a very fitting Alex Jones quote here as this is mostly a "destroy the child" type of deck.

The goal for your opening hand is to and get and play an upgrade on the love child for a reduced cost, and see if you can roll them out before they are defeated. Best case scenario you get a cool force ghost support that sticks around after they're gone, or a lightsaber for Papa. Also note that the armor is for Papa only as he wears the big Jedi pants. You might also experience the irony of a youngling holding old uncle Ani's saber of slaughter, which is the cherry on top for this almost parody of a deck--enjoy!

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