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The Destiny Council 2781

This is the deck Jon used to win a store championship this past weekend. The store championship was relatively small (12 people), but we think this deck is a contender in the Way of the Force meta. Write-up about the deck can be found here.

9 comentarios

cjnj193 265

between 4 copies of ancient and enrage was that enough to get a weapon out on 1? how did all in work out against leia mill or was it not a problem? Had a similar deck with maul but I ran vibros and shotos

Razelll 244

Why Espionage. It doesn't seem that good in this build. Also why no It Binds All Things, that card is really good in like all mono blue melee decks.

ScottExPA 256

Might want to add a disclaimer on this too.

Bminny 48

@Razelll I’m guessing espionage is for the battlefield

Razelll 244

@Bminny Ya, ok. I didn't see that. But then why the Comm Tower - Scarif so that you have to run the plot?

Aurelius47 52

@RazelllComm Tower is a really good battlefield. For fast decks that +1 is really good for getting an extra resource and the end of your first round to begin with 4 at the start of round 2 or just straight up boosting damage.

dyscrete 1

This deck was not used properly and the has updated their article basically didn't play within the rules. Here is their response to this deck after learning it wasn't played correctly:

"UPDATE: A rules interaction we had not considered affects how this deck plays. Because you cannot resolve a die more than once in the same action, you cannot use Fifth Brother’s special on an upgrade die and resolve that die in the same action. Additionally, you cannot use two Fifth Brother specials on the same die in the same action. This breaks up the All In play, and leaves the deck open to mitigation. Though Fifth Brother’s special still has a high upside, this likely pushes the deck out of any consideration for Tier 1 status"

Tajerik Ri 30

I would love to hear from someone at ffg on this, because I think the interaction with that rule seems unintentional. The rule originally was meant for dice that resolve and reroll themselves, like Kylo Ren's Lightsaber and Black One,whereas Fifth Brother - Intimidating Enforcer's special seems to be designed specifically to interact with Fifth Brother's Lightsaber and its abilities, (which abilities can only be used when resolving). I think it pretty much makes him unplayable, seeming like a mistake in my opinion.

ScottExPA 256

@Tajerik Ri What about not being able to resolve a dice multiple times in the same action prevents 5th Brother from using his Special on his lightsaber's dice? The only thing it prevents using is using his special twice on the same die in the single action or then resolving that die in the same action . You can still resolve that die again with his special in a later action or again by itself in a later action.

There are a bunch of unplayable characters, do you think all of them are also the result of FFG forgetting a pretty basic rule? Or do you think some characters just aren't very good without it being some unintentional interaction?