Yoda/Leia NYC Regional Top 8

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Yoda/Leia - Atlanta Regional 1st Place Artificery.com 75 53 18 1.0
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Yoda is a little Boushh 0 0 0 1.0

TheSky3 404

Shout out to Hex an Co for a great venue, getting to drink draught beers while playing a tournament was awesome. Thanks to Chris and Dave for running a quick and clean tourney, 6 rounds of Swiss in about 4 hours.

Took the Artificery list and cut force wave and overconfidence for 1x All In and 2x Scruffy. Less mitigation basically punted the matchup vs. Vader/ 2 wide aggro, but clearing the way with Scruffy for event or surprise All In damage really locked up the mill and 3 wide matchup. Scruffy was specifically tech’ed for stopping the Rebel Traitor into Mind Trick combo in 3 wide Snoke.

Decktech video coming at Jackalman games, which leads me to...

Rd 1 - Kevin from Jackalman Games- Millionaires Hate to play a friend a local guy round 1, especially after testing the exact 2 decks in person at Highlander Games 3 days before. Started with cunning (brutal) and backup muscle. Turn 2 scruffy pulling removal set up an 18 damage, 3 Leia special round. Win 1-0, first beer of the day.

Rd 2 - Joe from Hyperloops - eSnoke,Bala,Ciena I had a good start with force speed, salvage stand and an upgrade. At some point I played Scuffy for event to clear removal for a big turn, when I probably should have called support, but he had 2 fire sprays so I lucked into the right call. I used the cunning special once for his hovertank, because he kept paying on Leia’s. Last turn I had a pile of money, 2x Jump, 2x Beguile, and Entangle when he Friends In Low’ed. He explained he had a line to play Fist, but opted for Firespray and mod which didnt work out. 3 wide killer did its job in a close one, win 2-0.

Rd 3 - Count Dooku Thomas - Dooku,Talzin This is the 1 game on the day I felt like my opponent got Destiny’d. Turn 1 2x force speed on Yoda and treasured saber on Leia. He shot Leia’s 2 shields off with Talzin, then I played Easy Pickings on Dooku’s dice. Turn 2 mitigated Talzin and Dooku, then got a lucky claim removal (odd card battlefield) of a paired Dooku base and an Ancient +3. Turn 3 Yoda speed into special chain Leia, dead Talzin, hyperspace (switch to Throne Room). Turn 4 roll in Leia, claim for unblockable treasured special, win 3-0 with no damage taken, perfect draws and cards at the right time. We got a beer together after the game.

Rd 4 - Dan - Obi/Maz Another friend and local, who I had practiced with 2 nights that week at Highlander games. Here comes my worst matchup, 2 wide aggro, and a deck as fast or faster than me. Game was on the ABG stream, so you can see me troll Drew and Cody when I shuffle face up, top deck force speed, not cut my opponents deck, and drink a brew on camera. You can also see Dan play a great game despite not rolling hot and whiffing on Drop In, while I entangle instead of ramp turn 1 and never recover. Loss 3-1

Rd 5 - Ben - eSnoke,eBazine,Battledroid Destiny seems like a small world in our area, as I sit down across from another friend. I had played him on this Delve/Friends in High ramp list at his house a week or so ago, so I knew what was coming (big supports). I decided to forgo mitigation and race damage. I got some great rolls on force speed activations of Leia, and jumped a turn. Last turn of the game I speed rolled into just enough to win, right before his big supports could kill me. Luck was on my side, 3 wide killer pulled it out in close one, Win 4-1.

Rd 6 - Dave from ABG - eSnoke, Traitor, Ciena My win and in match against the Maryland regional (winner? runner up? who has the trophy?). This game definitely broke my way. Cunning, jump turns, and a Scruffy to pull mind trick and ruin the Traitor wombo combo got me there. Played the All In with all my dice in the pool to seal the win, 5-1. Got a beer together after the game, and Dave made it to Top cut on SOS.

Top 8 - Paul from ABG - eSnoke, Traitor, Ciena First time all day I got my battlefield, but I probably made a tactical error because of it. I put all damage on Yoda anticipating claim kills with Leia, when I should have spread it out more. With no Yoda I was short on cash for removal, and couldn’t upgrade Leia. I also didn’t see Jumps when I needed them, or Scruffy on a few turns and got wombo combo’d. First game blowout, 2nd game 1 damage short. Loss 2-0. Paul played great and it was a bunch of fun. I think he won the whole thing?

Snoke 3 wide is no joke. This deck could be the answer, and maybe a more consistent player than me with more reps wins that best of 3. However, the next round would have been a matchup into Vader, which would have been brutal.

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Stephilmike 22

Thanks for the write up. One other note is that Paul played similar (Yoda/yellow) decks for a while so he knows how it runs and how to counter it pretty well. Good job.