The True Scoundrels

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spashmcgrath94 8

I recently got back into the game and wanted to find a way to make the dynamic duo finally work. This deck is actually really good against most of the high mid-tier decks in original standard and original infinite!

Note: This infinite deck uses only the original FFG created cards.

The deck has a relatively good goal. Use your ambush to load up Han with Shields. Have Han be your main damage dealer, with Chewie soaking in damage. As Chewie gets closer to death, use his damage sides to deal serious damage to targets.

Chewie is mainly used as defensive support, so try to ensure when playing upgrades, a majority goes onto Han, and time the abilities of some of their "played" effects correctly with the Heavy Blaster and Han's Blaster.

All the event cards get used, whether to mitigate dice or to swing in hard on a turn. Instigate or Han's Blaster into a Truce to gain a resource to resolve a bunch of the paid sides of dice in this deck. Then you can use Impulsive to gain some extra resources or immediately resolve damage as you see it.

The only cards I'm debating on cutting or Chewie's blaster. The Blaster is really solid as it has 50% high damage values for this team, but it does not have ambush nor redeploy.

It is important to the deck that it needs money, but luckily Han's dice have decent resource generation, along with the upgrades all generating at least a resource side of some kind. In combination with the battlefield, Truce, and Reap, you should be able to generate good resources to play your cards. It may be wise the first round to use it to build resources using Reap or Truce, so don't hesitate to focus on that rather than damage. Use your AMbush abilities to prepare Han for any possible damage coming his way. Keep in mind too, you can overwrite a Holdout Blaster for a Heavy one to save you a resource. YOu'll need to time it carefully though, as you'll want to use your once per round overwrite carefully with its Ambush and dice removal ability.

The tricky part with this deck is timing Ambush to get the most use out of it with Han. This deck can easily have Han dodge around 10-12 damage with just the shields he's generating. Thats not include Chewie using Guardian. Make sure to pass when you need to so when the opponent would roll some damage out, you can quickly set Han up to dodge it all and power up Chewie to clean house.

If Han does eat it before Chewie, don't panic. the Holdout Blasters have Redeploy, and the Heavy and Han's blaster has the dice Removal abilities. These upgrades have really good ranged damage output. YOu'll just have t dance around the fact you're losing the Shield bonus Han gives himself, and Chewie's awkward character Dice. The fact the deck's Ambush allows you to burst through character activations and dice resolving is really good, so in this case, use Impulsive on Chewie's Melee damage sides, or Loth Cat to mitigate any bad sides to dodge more damage.

It takes cards from all 9 sets, but the dynamic duo finally has a rightful place in SW Destiny as a strong deck! In the words of Han Solo himself.

"Chewie, we're home".

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