Unkar/FN/Stormtrooper 07/29/17 SC Winner

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Krysis 388

DECK TECH: Pretty standard version of the deck, save for the inclusion of Crime Lord. I executed the CL play in a past tournament against a Poe Dameron - Ace Pilot and again against Palpatine - Galactic Emperor. I feel like it's unnecessary though, as every opponent today went for Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer first, making it little more than a discard option. I would likely drop it for either another Gaffi Stick or IQA-11 Blaster Rifle.

Z6 Riot Control Baton did work for me all day, and may be the best weapon in the game currently. Flame Thrower is also a big stick in this deck with Unkar's often overlooked focus side feeding consistent 4.

Anyhow, onto the tourney report. I finished 4-1 in Swiss. There were 16 participants in the tournament.

Round 1 vs. ePalpatine:

Pretty quick game here. I had a The Best Defense... in rounds 1 and 3 and took both Palp dice in each case. I didn't have to rely on Plutt's ability for my resources as I kept matching up a base resource with Plutt's +2 side. I quickly loaded FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper with 3 weapons and hit Palp for 9 damage to finish him early. 1-0.

Round 2 vs. Emo Kids:

The guy I played in this round evidently had not played against an FN deck previously as he was surprised (and annoyed) by the FN weapon shenanigans. This was another pretty quick game. I controlled Anakin's dice for a couple rounds before killing him with almost no damage done to my characters. He was running an odd version of the deck with Datapad and never laid down a Sith Holocron. Kylo was naturally no match without any major holocron abilities on him. 2-0.

Round 3 vs. Rainbow 9s (eBala, FN, Royal Guard)

I was kind of disappointed to match up with the guy I did in this round as he's an exceptionally skilled player who I played for 1st at the last tournament we were both in, so it was unfortunate one of us had to knock the other into the pack early on. As good as Rainbow 9s is, I feel like it's a poor matchup against FuNkar as I simply created resources at triple his pace. I also had a salvage stand opening hand for the first time in the 3 games, so he was really choked throughout. I stole up a couple weapons with Plutt's ability and slapped 3 cost weapons on early. On top of being resource hungry, he rolled just horribly through this game, almost never hitting on damage sides. I rolled hot and made quick work of this matchup as well. 3 for 3 on winning without losing 1 character. 3-0.

Round 4 vs. eVentress/eDooku

This was a bizarre game. I started out with 2 Salvage Stand and Imperial Inspection and thought I would simply be controlling the board this game. My opponent had other plans and rolled 8 melee damage round 1 while I had no mitigation in hand. Plutt died early round 2, well before I could create a treasure chest of resources. I still managed to cycle some weapons, but CONSTANTLY rolled blanks and found myself unable to do much re-rolling thanks to Ventress. I didn't kill Ventress until I had only a Stormtrooper left, and a full health Dooku snuffed me later than round. This was one of the first times I played against this team and now have a profound respect for starting with 4 character dice that all have focus sides on them. 3-1.

Round 5 vs. eUnkar/eVentress

I wasn't sure what to expect from this game as I hadn't previously encountered this character pairing. This game was very short as I hit a Crime Lord round 1 with Plutt's ability and ended the round with a Vibroknife and Z6 Riot Control Baton already equipped to FN. I killed Ventress quickly and Plutt not long thereafter. I didn't see enough of this gentleman's deck but he did pilot it into the top 4 cut, so I guess something was working well! 4-1.

Single Elimination Playoff Round 1 vs. ePoe/eMaz

Ah, my first Poe/Maz encounter for the day. Around the time of the Fast Hands errata, I boldly declared that a well-ran FuNkar deck would eat Poe/Maz alive with the removal of just that one piece of action cheating. With that in mind I felt the pressure to put my money where my mouth was. I started this one with a Salvage Stand, Vibroknife, and Z6 Riot Control Baton all in my opening hand. Also had The Best Defense.... I mitigated both Poe dice and then Plutted a U-Wing to get both weapons out. I hit Poe for 9 damage through first 2 rounds and he only managed to throw a Millennium Falcon at me in that time. I added a Rocket Launcher next round and promptly finished Poe off. I couldn't just sneeze at Maz, though, as he sneaked a Bowcaster onto her when I was focusing Poe. He did kill Unkar late, but I finished Maz off that same round. 5-1.

Championship Match vs. eVentress/eDooku

A much wanted rematch vs the Ventress/Dooku team that crushed me in Swiss. I started this one with a God hand of Salvage Stand, Imperial Inspection, He Doesn't Like You, Vibroknife, and Z6 Riot Control Baton. I laid out my salvage stand and he enraged first play. I rolled out Unkar hoping to steal a resource as I assumed he was getting his 3rd for a saber. I whiffed and out came a Kylo Ren's Lightsaber... great. I did manage to Plutt a vibro and gain some other resources and lay out both my own Vibroknife and Z6 Riot Control Baton round 1. I choked resources and mitigated dice and killed Ventress early round 3 with nearly no damage done to any of my characters. With a Vibro out to render Dooku's ability moot, the rest of this game was cruise control and ended a couple rounds later. 6-1.

So I finished a grand total of 6-1 and appreciated the rematch vs Dooku/Ventress as we were 1 and 2 seeds after Swiss. I don't think the deck beats FuNkar more than 2-3x out of 10, though I do have to admit Ventress is pretty terrifying when you're rolling blanks for days like in our first matchup.

Some interesting notes from the event... I don't believe I saw 1 person running big Vader or Luke. I saw at least 2 Emo Kids, 2 Poe/Maz, 2 Palpatine, and I think 3 (different) FN decks, including mine. 1 deck worth mentioning, which I played casually in testing earlier in the week, was Jabba/Unkar/Royal Guard. I don't know if it's as good as eJabba/eUnkar, but it is one miserable cuss of a control deck and honestly was a matchup I was hoping to avoid as I watched my weapons get milled in testing, despite making a razor thin victory against it.

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