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EpicAllen 1239

Goal is to equip Rey and Han Solo with upgrades as fast as possible. Then using Ambush upgrades on Rey set up back to back actions to get damage in before the opponent can react.

Most of the events are 0 cost to free up your resources to play important upgrades.

Heroism and Draw Attention are included to split damage and keep both characters up as long as possible.

Playing Holdout Blaster or DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol on Rey will give you 2 additional actions!

Force Throw is an amazing card helping you swing the balance in your favor against another aggro deck. Can also get rid of a key special, disrupt, or discard your opponent was hoping to use when facing control.

Look to set up combos to take out a character without your opponent having an opportunity to react.

Example of a solid start to a late game turn would be DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol or Holdout Blaster on Rey replacing one that she already has equipped. Follow with an Infamous augmented Scavenge grabbing the blaster you just removed. Play the blaster you retrieved back on Rey for free. You now have 3 more consecutive actions. You can activate both Rey and Han Solo and still have 1 action for an attack. Throw in Unpredictable for even more reroll before your attack. Turns like this can decimate an opponent when you have taken most of your turn before they take their first action allowing you to avoid all their dice manipulation and disruption, claim the battlefield to retrieve a blaster (if you were able to get Starship Graveyard), and go first next turn to hopefully combo off again.



REMOVED | 1x Imperial Armory | 2x Play the Odds | 2x BB-8 | 1x Hunker Down |

ADDED | 1x Starship Graveyard | 2x Awakening | 1x Disarm | 1x Shoot First | 1x One with The Force |

Deck has been performing very well after several games facing both aggro and control but a few nice changes did become apparent quickly. Starship Graveyard performed much better then Imperial Armory and with all the +x modifiers Awakening started to feel like it should be an auto-include. Both Disarm and Shoot First add a little utility.

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rusty 164

How is Scavenge performing for you? I'm trying Negotiate in that slot and liking it so far.

EpicAllen 1239

Scavenge has been performing very well. I do really like the addition of Negotiate. I'll try and replace Shoot First and possibly Disarm with Negotiate and see how it plays out. Thanks for bringing up Negotiate! There are definitely turns where I have a useless character dice that I won't have the opportunity to reroll and Negotiate could give me a very nice option for that dice.

EpicAllen 1239

Next thing I'm going to test is taking out the 1 of Hunker Down and see how Millenium Falcon does in that slot. Very expensive but I could see taking a turn of using resource dice and possibly Smuggling to get it into play.

vozza 1

Hey how fast do you build Shield with Han Solo? would riposte work in this deck?

EpicAllen 1239

Riposte could be a solid addition. There have been many times that I already have 3 shields on Han Solo and continue to play ambush and the shields end up being wasted on him. 3 damage could also help kill an enemy character 1 turn earlier. Especially good against a control deck.

Awesome suggestion! I'll see about swapping it in for Shoot First or Disarm and let you know how it does.

Haldirus 1

This deck is amazing.. and Riposte fits really well in it.. so maybe we could move to 3th version?? :D

eyeknow 1

great deck, remove booth disarm an shoot frist for two Riposte?

H3pat1tvsJ 37

I'm calling it now, Rey will be errata'd to be "once per turn". Lol. The shenanigans this concept can pull is, literally, game breaking. Yes you still have to rely on what you roll but the shear amount of things you can do without an opponent reacting, is too strong. At once per turn she's still an excellent character.

Maëlig 1

How about hyperspace jump? You could end the turn before your opponent has had the chance to resolve any of his dice, seems pretty strong?

Piadis 1

How is Rey's Staff performing in this deck? Is it neccesary to have 2? Should 1 be swapped out with Lukes Lightsaber?

rmohler 591

I haven't gotten Scramble to work for me that much. Since I can't pick dice, I feel like I'm either waiting too long to play it or letting my opponent reroll blanks and other useless dice faces.

I definitely agree with 2x Rey's Staff. It pairs so well with Rey that I don't mind ending up with a dead card on some turns. The ability to discard at the end of the round coupled with the staff's ability to springboard into higher costed upgrades like One with The Force makes it worthwhile.

TakeoSVK 26

Has someone used this deck in a tournament already? I wonder how it is performing especially against some control/mill decks.

Cbosox12 44

I'm confused as to how you would have 4 more consecutive actions after you place the blaster pistol from the discard pile onto Rey. Can anyone explain this? Also, how could the discarded blaster, now removed using scavenge, be played for free? is he insinuating replacing it with another higher cost card that isn't either of the two blasters?

EpicAllen 1239

Let's say you have a Holdout Blaster on Rey. You start your turn by playing a second Holdout Blaster for free or a DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol for 1 resource by replacing the first Holdout Blaster. You played an ambush card and an upgrade on Rey. You now have 2 additional actions. In the example you augment a Scavenge with Infamous so that the Scavenge has ambush and doesn't take 1 of your remaining 2 actions. You retrieve the discarded Holdout Blaster. You then play the Holdout Blaster either paying the 2 resources or replacing the first blaster that you played. This will give you 2 additional actions on top of the 2 you already have. You now have 4 more actions that you can take.

Cbosox12 44

My god, that's genius! I never realized the ambush cards stacked like that. Thanks a ton! I made a set based off of this one using Rey and Finn as I only have one Han card right now. The Millenium Falcon has been pretty successful if I can pull it late enough to have the resources available, it just sucks when you pull it in your first few rounds.

EpicAllen 1239

I've made some changes to the deck over the last few weeks that have improved the overall performance. I'll post the changes and publish version 3 soon.

Masnonet 165

In the previous example you'll end up with 3 actions, not 4. You have 1 action You play Holdout Blaster on Rey. Now you have 2 actions. You play Scavenge empowered by Infamous. You've used one action and gained one... still 2 actions. You equip the second Holdout Blaster. You've used one action and gained two. You've got 3.

EpicAllen 1239

Lol math is hard. 3 actions is correct. Playing an Ambush upgrade on Rey will give 2 additional actions but playing the upgrade does in fact cost an action.

Deroche 1

Finally got all of the cards for the 2.0 version you have listed here, so eager to see your 3.0, if only to know whether or not I still have what's needed! :)

Hennessy 40

I played very similiar deck to yours on tourney and I am afraid, that either I play it somehow totally wrong, or the build is unfortunately not superb (still playable, but not worthy to my opinion). Of course, if you manage to get god roll on Han and resolve it, than it is brutal, however, if you do not, than it is empty round more or less and from 12 games I saw 7+ damage resolution from Han only twice. There is quite a lot of issues of the deck I currently see, which are: 1) Rey, except her ability, does nothing at all, her dice are garbage in this deck, they are other type of damage (slow and one of two is modified) and alltogether, there is except The One With the Force and Awakening actually no benefit from playing blue. 2) Fo me the biggest issue - the dice on Han are super unreliable as hell. There are only two damage sides, most of the time you are looking on sides which do nothing plus the build as a whole is quite expensive so necessity to pay for his damage is terrible. Not getting stable damage in first two rounds usually meant loss for me and this is shitty. 3) You are able to play the ambush upgrade combo on Rey only several times in a game, which means, that you preciously rolled damages are more often exposed to dice manipulation than not. As a result, I have to say, that after testing Han/Leia, I like the build much more. All of the dice are ranged, Leia has much more consistent roll with 3 damage sides, you have access to cheap D17 Pistols, Leia is much more healthier with Diplomacy and Field Medic, you can surprise with Leadership and Defensive Position, you still have some combo with Hit and Run and it is not heavily reliant on Starship Graveyard, so you can run Rebel War Room to squeeze out some dice results.

orginal han rey combo 36

@Hennessy I think ou might be playing the deck wrong - i have won many events with a build close to this since the game first came out. i do not run Smuggling i run Riposte in that spot.

When you say " 3) You are able to play the ambush upgrade combo on Rey only several times in a game, " that is where you are making a mistake. Every turn you should be swaping 1 ambush weapon for another - puting one in the grave - resolve all your dice then claim the battlefield to put your weapon back ontop. not geting your battlefield can make this hard and i considered running Hyperspace Jump for that reason .

Hennessy 40

I played it as you actually mention. I even played Hyperspace Jump which I found superpowerful and game breaking card when played in right moment and I abused the Second Chance replay and still lost to 10+ damage from FOTroopers. I resulted in 1:4 beating only other Han/Rey deck, and losing to QuiGonn+Rey+Padawan, eQuiGonn+eRey, 3xFOTrooper+Tusken and 3xFOTrooper + Nightsister.

What I found as a pattern in Han/Rey: a) you do not have resources to actually combo in turn 1 as spending both your resources will leave you with 1/6+1/6 chance to roll damage side on Han b) when you get the combo out and you have the resources, you again have only 2/6 + 2/6 to roll at least some base damage on Han. (Jetpacks are modified and blasters are sitting on Rey). This usually leads to c) you are spending ton of cards to reroll and you are exposing the dice to manipulation, because you roll way more often 0 or 2-3 damage on Han when pulling out Rey+Ambush chain. You have 50% chance to get resource or blank and statistically you need 3 rolls to get some damage side on Han dice, which is unreliable and in some games I was not able to get the damage results from Han at all (especially in first game, I maybe rolled 2 times at least one damage side on Han before he was dead).

Losing too many cards and time results very often in advanced game play from opponent side where I really lost almost every game against the decks I mentioned (it was Bo3 turney). Because the deck has very little to do against strong mid-game decks and it has inconsistent damage output to roll 30-40 damage until lets say turn 10. There were 3 Rey/Han decks at that day, 1 was 3rd, the other two were on the bottom of the roster, main difference was the luck in dice rolling.

What I wanted to mention is, that with this deck, you have maybe 5-6 chances to roll and resolve on Han BUT you have to roll the correct sides. If you roll double resources/blanks you are screwed and it happens in 50% times. You need pure luck to play aggressively with this, which is totally wrong concept in my opinion. Reliable combo deck is in example Luke/Ackbar.

orginal han rey combo 36

if you cant flu it you should move on then - i dont agree with anything you have said but im not going to argue about it.

I am pretty sure you are playing it very wrong based on all your coments above tho.

TakeoSVK 26

What do you think about including one copy of the Thermal Detonator? It could possibly help against 3+ character decks and with the Jakku battlefield + Scavenge you can replay it if needed. It is also a yellow card so it can be buffed by Infamous.

I love this deck and I think it can work reliably, however I don't have much opportunities to playtest it.

orginal han rey combo 36

@TakeoSVK - i have tryed it in a event before but the 2 discard sides may as well be blanks. it takes a few rerols to get the side you need at the right time. if you think the field you will play is all 3 guys then you could use it but its pretty bad vs 2 champ decks in this build .

TakeoSVK 26

@orginal han rey combo I would also like to hear your opinion on Deflect vs. Dodge. I think about playing Dodge in my deck (although most of the Han + Rey players seem to play Deflect instead) as meta seems to be all about the ranged damage currently and to be able to get rid of the all ranged dice seems to be really strong.

orginal han rey combo 36

@TakeoSVK Dodge can be very strong against some of the 3 hero decks that are range only currently but in this style of deck that would mean you need to wait at least 3 actions for them to roll all there dice and then use it. This is one of the reason why Deflect is chosen over Dodge - you can use it on the highest range dice you can see before claiming the battlefield. It can remove a needed damage dice preventing them from resolving + side dice and it allows you to keep the pace of your own deck. It also can add damage while saving you from some damage. The main thing about playing this deck is it has to play like a machine. Waiting around to use a card really puts you at a disadvantage.

beelzabar 1

I used this exact list at a 33 person tournament in Indy yesterday and tied for first. It did awesome, only game I lost was to Vader/Raider but I got destroyed. I'm thinking about taking shoot first out and replacing with something not sure what yet. I really feel like my only bad match up was Vader/Raider. Trying to figure out what to maybe switch up to have a better match up against that deck.

Clucas 51

@Hennessy This deck is only good if you take full advanced of Rey/Ambush combo and take more than 1 action, i have had 7 actions in a turn, where my opponent just sad looking and could do nothing, but you have to build op for this and control your opponents dice

TakeoSVK 26

@Clucas I think there is a superior version of this deck. In my opinion at least one Second Chance is mandatory for the consistency (especially as you can take it back with Jakku when it is discarded) and probably one copy of Hyperspace Jump is good addition as well.

Clucas 51

I play 1 Second Chance and 1 Hyperspace Jump in my deck and I agree that they are mandatory :-)

Cbosox12 44

I played this deck with my Jango/Veers last night twice. The first game I was able to smoke him because he couldn't get any cards out with ambush short of a few. The second game he pulled the ambush keyword support card and was able to completely change the way he played because of it. It ended up being a much closer game. I actually used armed to the teeth to finish off Han (or so I thought) before realizing he had second chance. Thankfully I was able to equip another pistol and finish him but jango not had 3 health at the end. I think if he had gone for jango first he would have won.

orginal han rey combo 36

@Cbosox12 jango decks are a beast and need a good player to take out of the box play moves to have the advantage - it’s very hard to judge the match not knowing how the player made their decisions.

jango is by far the hardest character to play against/

Cbosox12 44

No, we talked about it post match. that's exactly what he said. I consider this player a very good player, he just wasn't pulling the cards he needed. I'm not knocking this deck in any way, like I said in a previous post, I love it! Just the way it plays out sometimes.

Coelhoskywalker 7

I love this deck and played over 8 championship games with it. I lost for a Luke/Akbar where my oponent had great results and my rolls with Han where completely shitty and to a Jango/Veers where he also got some preaty good dice rolls. I really like the Deck, but i feel sometinhg is missing, specialy in order to get some shields on Rey and to make Han more damage consistent. I'll try to switch some equipments with Jedi Robes and Comlink to see if the shields and focus help me out a bit, also including 2 x defensive stance to see if it helps me buying more time to shield up and get my upgrades in play... Jango/Veers is really being a pain in the ass, the guy who won against me was a complete noob, but the deck has so much damage and it is so easy to play that it is almost auto pilot...I'm so frustated with that lost that Im including 2x Dodge in order to hold the ranged damage...but i'm whorryed how it will perfom against meele decks... lets see...

TakeoSVK 26

@CoelhoskywalkerHello. I think there is a superior version of this deck. This one for example does not contain Second Chance which helps quite a lot especially when playing against aggro. Also 1x Hyperspace Jump is often included for the cases when you don't start the game with your battlefield. 2x Electroshock is a must i think as it is one of the best control cards.

Coelhoskywalker 7

@TakeoSVKwhere can i find this superior version you mentioned ?

TakeoSVK 26

`@Coelhoskywalker Well... For example:

You can add 1 more Second Chance for something in this deck.

Crabshack101 70

@EpicAllen when can we expect version 3.0?!

TakeoSVK 26

@Crabshack101: I consider the following to be the 3.0:

I am playing this deck all the time and I find it really strong. You can probably change 1x Force Throw for another copy of Second Chance. Force Throw is a great card but I usually can't find a moment to play it. Currently, I am testing the deck with 1x Thermal Detonator instead of 1x Force Throw (just a tech choice to help when playing against 3+ characters and card discard is not that bad in some cases) and 1x Second Chance (for 2 copies in total) instead of 1x Awakening. Awakening is a great card when you get it early but I usually reroll so much that I am using its ability only about 2x per game on average.