Button's 5 Battle Droids Deck

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Btons28 59

Looking for some feedback. I do not know why Drudge Work is in most builds so if someone could explain that it would help. I feel like I want to activate my characters to deal damage not to exhaust them for Resources. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Destry210 713

I would not put any upgrade in a Battle Droid deck because of their fragility (only 6 lifes). So, I would replace Wingman with Ground Battalion. You need Sound The Alarm in this deck and I would replace Endless Ranks for it (having Ground Battalion cost already 4 and is better than Endless Ranks. Finally, I would take Starship Graveyard - Jakku as the battlefield to be able to get Separatist Landing Craft from the discard. The rest of the deck is great. Maybe replacing Attrition with Drudge Work because you can use it if you are missing only 1 ressource to use Separatist Landing Craft or to put Ground Battalion in play.

Btons28 59

Thanks, appreciate the feedback!