Tarkin Aphra Pax East Trilogy Winner 7/4/18

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Separatist Arkhan 160


This is the deck I used to win the Trilogy Galatic Qualifier last Saturday at Pax East. Original credit go to The Hyperloops.

I Won that day against:

R1 eBoba/ePhasma R2 eRose/Partisan/Wedge R3 eTarkin/eAphra R4 eBoba/eAnakin R5 eYoda/ePoe R6 eKylo2/eAnakin

The card I'm still not sure is Sound the alarm. Could be another Free for all or another control in the limit pool of cards available.

Beside that, just do as much indirect as you can, and they will eventually die!

Feel free to ask any question.

And don't forget to God Roll!

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TheHyperloops 3518


Ragnus Ren 16

Thought about Ark Angel? Or claiming not important?

Separatist Arkhan 160

@Ragnus Ren It's a good question. In fact, I had two Ark Angel ready to replace Slave 1 with me the day of the event. My thought is that the game play much differently than the Standard format. Most of the deck are slow, so it's doesn’t matter if you are not super fast, because your opponent won't be either. You will be rerolling more often than in standard, because your dice face on the upgrades aren't that good. When I was down to 1 or 2 cards, I often wanted to keep them for the next turn, so sometimes I was just claiming to resolve a disrupt into one indirect. It's not a lot but it adds up to the rest. Many people were rerolling more than me, because they needed to, while with the Power action of Tarken and his focus, I was able to do enough dmg each turn, without the need to resolve only dmg side. That something I really liked about that deck. I could resolve shield, discard, resource, and still do a very good amount of damage.

lefthighkick 19

How'd you do in testing vs Talzin Troopers and Greedo's Girls? I love Tarkin/Aphra but didn't play it at a GQ b/c I was having trouble closing out games vs decks with 27HP and Witch Magick. Any insight on those matchups?

Bpraleigh 111

Any thought of including Relentless Pursuit? I've found it a great way take out a specific target suddenly. It gets really good if you get the direct damage sides on your droids or the pay side on Doc.