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TheHyperloops 3186

This is the deck that NJCuenca used to top 4 US Nationals. You can check out the deck tech article here:

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Leddon75 139

Such a great deck. I ran nearly same version in a store event last week loosing to Yoda/Hondo. I was using - 1 Unyielding - 1 heirloom. And + 1 abandon all hope, + 1 it will all be mine. More oriented against vehicules and indirect damage. Maybe with the 2nd Unyielding I don't loose to Yoda/Hondo anymore. :p It ll all be mine on these chance cube decks is like a feel your anger for free. My best shot on day was resolving 2 chance cube + CD tt + fang fighter. :) Waiting for you next innovations :p It brings fresh air to Meta :) Congratz for all

artyzipp 1

Thanks for the great write up. Is there any footage of you playing this deck at US Nationals?

the BEAST 1020

@artyzippPretty sure the chance cube streamed at least a game.

TheHyperloops 3186

@artyzipp I was pretty much living in the feature match area. I was on stream around 4 times. It honestly was exhausting on my eyes since it was so bright. Next time I'm bringing sunglasses lol -NJCuenca

BigMac826 7

@artyzipp checkout The Chance Cube on Twitch. They streamed all of Nationals. The last video they posted is the topcut where Nick and his Dooku Talzin is shown 2 or 3 rounds in a row. You get to see I think 9 games with the deck in just that one video, and they were all great games! The series against Joe and Andrew were brtual matches that made for great content.

Thanks Nick!

JuzFuzz 21

Thanks for sharing. My son plays villain but we don't have Force Speeds or Ancient LS (have most of the other cards), what would be some good substitutes? Cheers.

TheHyperloops 3186

@JuzFuzzYou are allowed some number of evens so you could consider Chance Cube and Sith Holocron and change up the upgrades so there are more force powers like Force Throw and Force push

JuzFuzz 21

@TheHyperloops Cheers