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BrianRaby 84

This spicy noodle was originally posted By http://swdestinydb.com/user/profile/49593/nez477.

I have always held Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer in high esteem ever since building a rogueish deck with Him, Death Trooper, and First Order Stormtrooper back before the great nerfing. I took second and was hooked. I saw this list and the OPs experienced comments and decided to give it a whirl.

I hope that by making a handful of adjustments (some suggested by OP) I will have a very decent vehicle deck that can deal large damage while milling away my opponents hand. What follows is a theoretical write-up (and personal justification) due to me not being able to build or test this at all until later next week.

With that said I will go over the card choices and hopefully spark some conversation as to some different ways to possibly optimize the deck further. The original post did not have a ton of info and it would be awesome if http://swdestinydb.com/user/profile/49593/nez477 weighed in. I have been struggling pretty bad to find a niche that suits me in the current meta and have contemplated many breaks due to feeling straight stagnant.

Jedi Temple - Coruscant - I like this choice because it helps set up Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer to hit more and . This is where our consistent generation will come from. Partnered with Chance Cube and backed up by Delve and Friends in High Places we should be playing large in no time. This could be Weapons Factory Alpha - Cymoon 1 very easily but my meta is full of awesome vehicle decks and the Jedi Temple - Coruscant benefits us more than them to a large degree.

The list is small but prolific. Chance Cube is a clear choice and at first I was set on removing the other two thinking that they were either 'win-more' or just plain out of place. The more I looked into it the clearer things became. Fragmentation Grenade fits so nicely with our plan that I really wanted it to be a 2 of. As I see it the die will always land on something useful because if you hit you can feed it to Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer but if it rolls a you can feed it to the power action of Tarkin - Grand Moff with just one other unlucky roll. This could easily replace one of the Grand Moff but that card is just too cool and flavorful to not force a little bit. It has good synergy with our and our .

The suite is mostly your standard villain vehicle set but with AT-ST to blow other vehicle lists away. I took out the one Quadjumper feeling that it would be unreliable and rarely needed but if I find myself struggling to drop haymakers I will test with it back in. I enjoy the synergy Between Podracer and Hailfire Droid Tank but may end up cutting the Podracer for a utility vehicle like AT-DP or First Order TIE Fighter. Hound's Tooth is a card I haven't ever had strong feelings for but I can't deny how well the die should compliment the deck and as such have left it in.

I removed the 2 Probe in favor of Friends in Low Places as you get to bear witness to the contents of the whole hand and take something cheap to put immediate pressure on with the Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer Action. I put in the 2 Pinned Down but kept the Crossfire over Risky Move. I just think that the card is neat and growing in relevance with the many vehicle decks in the atmosphere.

I can't wait to sleeve this up and give it a solid go. It truly seems fun, challenging, and competitive - Three things that I strive to be as well.

Please let me know your thoughts!

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nez477 125

Hi Brian!

So I've played with this deck about 30 times now I think. It's ridiculously fun but also difficult/inconsistent. Here are the things I've tweaked since I last posted it:

  • Lose the Tech Teams. It just doesn't seem like I used them very often. Your method of playing high-cost vehicles is lots of resources, delve and friends in high places.
  • I replaced them with Armor Plating. The meta is aggro/vehicle heavy, you need to have some additional health. Personal Shield was something I tinkered with for a while too.
  • I also ditched the frag grenade for a bit more mitigation, adding Entangle
  • Tactical Mastery is sometimes very useful. Get it turn one and immediately you have a good chance of Unkar'ing one of your opponents best cards.
  • I've tinkered with adding Natural Pilot to the deck. Getting two Speeder Tank/AT-ST turns in one round is awesome. I currently have one in my deck as another Friends in High Places card that I like to see.

I've found it is crucial to have a FiHP and/or Delve in the first hand. You NEED a good vehicle on turn one to start the ramp.

Would love to discuss more. I've been getting slaughtered by Cad aggro/Plo Koon aggro and other aggro decks. I'm not sure you can mitigate well enough to consistently compete against them. But its fun trying!

BDKoolwhip 26

@nez477 I am Brian's play-testing partner and we played two games with this current build. I will let him say his thoughts of course but with the deck played as is he was playing a Planetary/Hailfire just about every other turn, most often back to back, with Tech Teams in. More health wouldn't be bad though, I agree, All in all the build is solid and both of you should be proud of the monsters you created lol

BrianRaby 84

I take no credit for creation, just interest and development, lol. We were thinking similar things about Fragmentation Grenade and Tech Team but also the Podracer. I understand the shenanigans with Hailfire Droid Tank and Planetary Bombardment but I would much rather see an AT-DP, Personal Shield, and/or removal.

I feel like Tarkin - Grand Moff power action and Personal Shield could be more important vs Cad Bane - Vicious Mercenary than focusing on Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer action but haven't had the pleasure of playing against it. Also maybe Relentless Pursuit or Free-For-All for the 3 wides like Plo Koon - Jedi Protector? They tend to our die in addition to remove. Detention Center could slow then down a bit and has fallen off the radar.

All in all the deck is a blast to play and I have even found myself wanting Cheat to get back Friends in High Places and Delve. I can't wait to make a few changes (putting back in Risky Move) and get back to figuring out out.

Thanks for the comments, insight, and advice; keep it coming!

nez477 125

I'd get rid of Friends in High Places (and also not use Probe) and maybe use Tactical Mastery instead. We should be able to get enough resources to get Grand Moff out reliably and get rid of events anyway, or if we really need to resolve a die, we can use tactical mastery to roll in and resolve.

Maybe do one of each even.

BrianRaby 84

I can see losing Friends in Low Places but the synergy it has with Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer is very good. You get to see the opponents whole hand, take away a terrible action target, and it will most likely be a technical card so you add damage or discard/resource production.

How do you feel about Tactical Mastery plus Deploy Squadron or We Have Them Now? Would surely add a greater output of damage.

nez477 125

Oh, also, I added one copy of Slave I to help with mitigation. It's worked wonders in various games. I re-rolled a Hound's Tooth die last night to get rid of a 3-melee side, was fun.

BrianRaby 84

I like that! I ran it in my OG Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer/Death Trooper/First Order Stormtrooper deck and it was great! That was pre nerfing, ofc.

BrianRaby 84

I'm hoping to playtest a little tonight and I'm thinking of trying out these changes:

-1 Fragmentation Grenade
-1 Crossfire
-2 Tech Team
-1 Podracer

+2 Risky Move
+2 AT-DP
+1 Slave I