Dutch National 1st place

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3-HEAD MONKEY (SPANISH NATIONAL RUNNER-UP, 138 people) 24 14 9 1.0
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Rey1/eYoda/Ezra2 Local Store 2nd Place (9 ppl) 1 0 0 1.0

Trexder 79

This is the deck that I took to the dutch nationals last weekend. If you have any questions about it or the tournament matches...feel free to ask!

Round 1: Aphra / eSnoke / Battle Droid - Win

Round 2: Aphra / eSnoke / Battle Droid - Win

Round 3: eAphra / eDJ - Lost

Round 4: eTalzin / Commando / Commando

Round 5: eThrawn / eSnoke (Grandmoff) - Win

Round 6: Greedo / Snoke / eTalzin - Win

Top 8: Greedo / Snoke / eTalzin - Win 2:0

Top 4: Aphra / DJ / Batte Droid - Win 2:0

Final: Aphra / eSnoke / Battle Droid - Win 2:1 (The same opponent as round 2)

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Fresck 194

Well Played Christian! Strog (how got his place for the worlds in our GQ in Nantes) and I are definetely to USA now :)

Ramin2-D2 543

which character got what upgrades throughout your matches?

Blehwout 14

Thoroughly enjoyed losing to this in the semis. Definitely one of the highlights of a wonderful tournament.

zoddragon 108

You make the monkey proud :) Good job and congratulations

Trexder 79

@FresckThank you and good luck! @BlehwoutIt was a plessure! @zoddragon:Thank you great Monkey King for this deck!

@Ramin2-D2: I would play the Force Speed on Ezra Bridger - Aspiring Jedi as well as his Lightsaber. Sometimes I also would play a Force Illusion on him to enable his 1 or 2 card draw power action or an Ancient Lightsaber to save his life for 1 more round.

I think I haven't played any upgrade except of a Force Illusion on Yoda - Wizened Master the whole tournament.

You'll play all the other upgrades on Rey - Force Prodigy and try to keep the Vibro Knifes for a good moment to use it's action cheat ability. My first pick of upgrade on her would always be the force wave.