Colorado Regional Top 4 Vader/Greedo

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lengelmp 1114

built this deck to be pure aggro and blow characters off the board as fast as possible with minimal attention given to Control here’s how my day went at the 43 person regional!

round 1: bye (1-0) round 2: eDooku/eTalzin W (2-0) round 3: eSnoke/Ciena/Rebel traitor W (3-0) round 4: eVader/Bazine L (3-1) round 5: eDooku/eTalzin W (4-1) round 6: eKit/eAayla W (5-1) round 7: eVader/Greedo W (6-1) Top 8: eDooku/eTalzin W 2-0 (8-1) Top 4: eVader/Bazine L 0-2 (8-3) the eVader/Bazine deck would go on to win the entire event

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Fayit 3

awesome deck but expensive (actual money wise). it's pretty wild how good that Vader is just on his own though. my buddy played him last night and took out my luke deck WAY to fast using fear and dead men.