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Ninguno. Éste es un mazo hecho de cero.
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Beckett Ciena Nightsister - 2nd @ Wellington NZ Regional '19 1 0 1 1.0
Spray Hover Fist Rainbow AR 2 2 0 1.0

P0em 322

check out I Rebel for a full write up

I finished 2nd in the NorCal Regional with this list

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ferrsabs 49

Yes you finally printed it. So pumped for that write up

Platform327 1

Great run!

symbio 167

This deck is awesome and you played it like a boss! Great to meet you and congrats still on the awesome placing!

beglobal 7

This deck is amazing! Well done!

Namedink 166

@P0em do you think Chance cube would be better than Mobilize?

P0em 322

Mobilize combos with Beckett and with FIHP. However it’s the kind of card that’s like the last player to make a teams roster. It can be swapped out quite easily for a different money generator but you’d also lose FIHP. There’s been many iterations of the deck, I’ve tried Chance Cube and it isn’t great. With a reset deck you’re already trying to focus a large number of dice in a round, so needing to try to focus the Cube is inefficient.

demorenan 30

Nice list and play! The best goodbye to the first cycle of Destiny. Congratulations Poem!