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Rhawin 1

Wanted to try out the Soresu tricks, and what better way than my favorite sith (Bane... bane... they have to make him :) )

His own activation action can somewhat mitigate Close combat damage Deflecting Strike can mitigate Ranged and Indirect. Get him Soresu Training and a Lightsaber and what for Soresu Mastery to drop.

The choice of only one Soresu Mastery is because i want to get it free with Soresu Training.

Money comes from It Binds and for the first time i wanted to try a card everyone say is crap, Nexus Of Power. Its a guaranteed "something" if a lightsaber with modifier needs a black side, or i activate it as the first thing to get an extra resource. We will see if its any good (Mono Blue Villain has trouble getting resources)

And my second card that gets money is Torment, since this deck can generate a fair amount of shields i think its a good choice, and if someone dont hit Dooku because he has it, fine by me.

Under Lightsaber Mastery is 2 Deflecting Slash so that i in any instance as long as Dooku has not activated, have access to melee close combat and indirect mitigation.

This is the first version so many cards may be changed after playtesting.

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