explosive rebellion saw/pad

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RemingtonPaperstacks 2

played a variant of this at origins before Admiral. this deck requires little in resources and delivers on damage quickly. I've consistently pushed 17-18 damage round 1 through little interference.

Mulligans: look for moxie always if you can. keep suppressive fire and impulsive for 0 drops. This deck has 18 big cards, falcon being the largest you're going to want at least 2 post mulligan. Optimal hand being moxie impulsive 3 big cards.

Battlefield: Military camp is op. overall Saw and Padme roll well for battlefield. Choose camp if able. this deck claims fast, get in on the power action get out.

Play through: this deck is simple, explosive, and pretty consistent. you're going to want to get moxie on saw early if able. with out moxie the plan remains the same though. power action your characters out there utilize padme's ridiculously powerful die to deal damage or focus saw into specials. Discard your remaining hand to deal anywhere from 15 to 23 potential damage. Against hard removal centric decks you'll still likely be able to pull off one special in a round for 5 on average. For their point costs Saw and Padme deliver on dice sides. late game Admiral im still testing with, just normally doesnt get to round 3 :)

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