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Zhil 383

As many know, I've been a pretty consistent Thrawn player since he was released, achieving Top 16 at Euros with Blue Man Group aka Thwasp. I edited that deck and took it to Worlds for a 5-3 finish, which was respectable considering the field and so close to Day 2.

For the Gaming vs Cancer event, I decided to look at the deck Arrow Brook Gaming posted that Kyle (Fenix) used at a Prime and achieved top 4.

I changed a couple of cards just based on theory as I hadn't played the deck whatsoever. I always liked Mastermind in my previous Thrawn build so kept one but switched the second copy for a Dark Counsel. Theory was the card draw could be useful, as well as the focus which could be on anyone. The last change was switching the Cultural Records for the Senate Chamber.

Went 5-2 in Swiss then beat Yoda/Leia Mill followed by Reylo and then finally Maul/Phasma/Ret to complete the run.

Very happy to win with Thrawn and even though I hadn't used the deck prior to the event, I have had plenty of time with Thrawn himself and his interactions.

Changes I'd recommend would be to KEEP Senate Chamber but probably remove the upgrades entirely.

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chinovalley 322

Cool deck and character combo, I like the synergies. Well done and congrats! Question, you mention the upgrades were not very useful. I tried this list a couple times with a friend and I found the same, the upgrades were not optimal. What would you consider replacing them with? Cultural Records and maybe a second Separatist Embargo? Or how about a couple Intense Fire, Focused Fire or Counter Strike for a little damage burst? Or even a couple more mitigation cards?

chinovalley 322

To continue the upgrade replacement thought--even Intimidate or Galactic Deception might help against shield heavy decks--is that something that would have helped? What would you consider the biggest challenge to this list would be--Chopper Droids? (Then use EMP) Reylo? (Anti-shield cards) Plowoks? (Then the damage burst cards are useful to get quick kills on the ewoks)