5-1 Standard Seattle GQ, Palp/Watto (1st Place)

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"Two Face" Palp/Watto 5-1 @ GQ's - write up inc 23 18 16 2.0
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Dapper421 1

This deck had one loss to Snoke/Tarkin, however the winner had to leave from the event early, so he was gracious and gave the win to me, and I went on to win the final match. Match score was 6-0, but I did lose round 5.

Matchups were

Padme/Boush -2-0 Snoke/Watto/FOST - 2-0 Snoke/Tarkin - 0-1, great game, was one action behind, and died to the PA. Close game.

Final match was against Vader/FOST, and It was close early on, however I ended up pulling ahead of the damage curve.

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superalex598 31

Congrats dude!